January 1: The Darkest, Saddest Day on FlyerTalk…

…because of nothing.

That’s right – nothing…as in zero.

Segments: 0
Qualification Miles: 0
Stays: 0
Nights: 0

The only thing that remains – if they have not expired – are the miles and points in one’s frequent traveler account. Everything else has been reset to zero.

This day marks an annual FlyerTalk ritual. FlyerTalk members must start over from the beginning to accrue miles and points towards elite status once again.

Nothing But Zero’s and Zeros everywhere are two of many FlyerTalk threads that discuss this very melancholy topic.

What an item to be posted as the first in 2007 for The Gate.

However, there is a bright side: January 1 will soon be history!

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