Jesus Christ and Lady Liberty in Bed? How in the World Does This Advertise an Airline?

Imposter poster for Ukraine International Airlines by Aleksandr Bozhko.

The poster shown above for Ukraine International Airlines depicts Lady Liberty in bed with Christ the Redeemer — statues which represent New York and Rio de Janeiro respectively — apparently after just having had sexual intercourse in a hotel room akin to a tenement slum.
What in the world does this have to do with commercial air travel?
Well, it supposedly illustrates that a long-distance relationship can be bridged by Ukraine International Airlines which — as far as I know — has no flights between New York and Rio de Janeiro, let alone the United States and Brazil.
There is no need to be concerned, however — Ukraine International Airlines had officially nothing to do with this fake poster, according to creative director Aleksandr Bozhko as reported in the weblog of The Ethical Adman. The poster was supposedly created as a joke for a contest at the Altai Fake Festival — whatever that is.
Posters are obviously nothing new to advertising for an airline, as that medium has been used for decades. Some FlyerTalk members like to collect posters which advertise for airlines. Earlier this year, this poster depicting a Boeing 747-8I British Airways aircraft was available for free, and may still be available today. There is even a sort of game that FlyerTalk members play, looking for the oldest posters found in a Jetway.
As an artist myself, I can attest that it is not uncommon to use a real company to produce fake work — especially for illustrative purposes. Still, I am not sure I get the joke — which really does not matter anyway, given the popularity that this poster has experienced.
What do you think of this poster?

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