jetBlue Offers Baggage Delivery Service

This is the bag drop counter — which you may avoid if you decide to use the new baggage delivery service — for jetBlue Airways at Albuquerque International Sunport when inaugural passenger flight service was launched. Photograph by FlyerTalk member Carfield. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by Carfield.

In what appears to be further evidence of the attempt by jetBlue Airways to redefine the low-cost carrier experience towards a more upscale model, delivery service of checked luggage is now being offered as an option to its passengers — for a fee, of course.
The fees for this baggage delivery service — which will be available for an unspecified limited time, assuming that they will eventually be increased — are as follows:

  • $25.00 for the delivery of one bag
  • $35.00 for the delivery of two bags
  • $40.00 for the delivery of up to ten bags

The fee includes delivery of your luggage within four hours to a hotel, business, residential address or anywhere you choose within a 40-mile radius of the airport. Be aware that you will be assessed an additional one dollar per mile if your luggage is delivered within six hours to a location between 41 miles and 100 miles from the airport.
You must book your delivery service order at least one hour before the scheduled departure of your flight. Once the service is active, you will receive e-mail messages updating you as to the status of your baggage throughout its journey. Keep in mind that the baggage delivery service — provided in conjunction with Bags VIP — does not include any applicable airline baggage charges assessed by jetBlue Airways.
The baggage delivery service is available for all domestic flights and eight select international flights which arrive at the following three airports in the United States:

  • Boston: Logan International Airport
  • New York: John F. Kennedy International Airport
  • Orlando: Orlando International Airport

For some passengers, this means no more schlepping bags in the rain, snow or heat onto buses or trains or stuffing and cramming them into the trunks of taxi cabs — if you can hail one, that is. This can also be beneficial if your flight arrives early and you want to explore your destination for a couple of hours — or perhaps go shopping — without lugging around your bags if you happen to be on a day trip with no hotel reservation. This baggage delivery service could even save time and a few bucks on a rental car that is otherwise not needed, without having to drive or worrying about purchasing fuel upon return of a rental car.
This baggage delivery service now being offered by jetBlue Airways — virtually identical to but slightly less expensive than the baggage delivery service announced by American Airlines last year, which is also provided by Bags VIP — appears to be a win-win situation for all involved: customers now have a more convenient option which is reasonably priced, and jetBlue Airways has a new way to increase revenue without taking away current options from its customers.
I asked last year if other airlines will adopt their own version of this service. If jetBlue Airways is any indication, it appears that other airlines which choose to offer baggage delivery service will most likely offer a virtually identical service if they partner with Bags VIP — apparently leaving price as the only potential differentiation between airlines.

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