Jilted jetBlue Pilot Allegedly Threatens Suicide; Is Relieved of Duty

The news is still unfolding about what apparently rendered a JetBlue Pilot Unfit for Duty, including a story out of BOSTON: JetBlue Pilot Threatens to Crash Plane after take-off from Logan Airport, as well as unsubstantiated reports that the distraught pilot — allegedly jilted by a female acquaintance — had a gun confiscated. There is also speculation that the threats of suicide may be a rumor and the pilot was actually removed for health reasons.

An official spokesperson for jetBlue says that at no point were any customers or aircraft in danger.

One thought on “Jilted jetBlue Pilot Allegedly Threatens Suicide; Is Relieved of Duty”

  1. Sandy says:

    What should I do if my soon to be ex-husband has been threatening suicide and he is a Captain for a major airline. He also keeps a loaded gun on his bedstand at night, and has a license to carry it concealed when he walks our dogs in the woods. He has been seeing a psychiatrist for over a year but he still tells me he thinks of suicide all the time. He has major anger management issues which is why I left him after 25 years of living in fear. I found a suicide note in 2006 locked away, and he told me that he informed his psychiatrist 5 months ago about his intricate plan to kill himself, which included he buy Depends diapers and a pair of slacks one size larger so he would not be found ‘messy’.His plan was to sit in his car that he would rig for suffication.

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