Kentucky Fried Chicken Runs Out of … Chicken?!?

A Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant whose supply of chicken had been exhausted — albeit temporariy — was enough for intrepid FlyerTalk member Intrepid to cry “Fowl!” in the KFC runs out of chicken (temporarily….) thread. Fortunately, though, Intrepid received the last eight pieces of chicken that was immediately available.

Of course, one would think this would be the end of the story. However, FlyerTalk members have been known to wing it by not only keeping abreast of the developments in the thread, but by also getting fried with off-topic no-bones discussion, such as how unhealthy Kentucky Fried Chicken can be in one’s diet, that there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant in India that was 100% vegetarian, and the whims of the appetite of a FlyerTalk member…

…ah, bucket. Just read the KFC runs out of chicken (temporarily….) thread…

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