Kimpton Karma Rewards Replaces InTouch Frequent Guest Loyalty Program

Might you be upgraded to a suite with a living room such as this one at The Alexis Hotel in Seattle? Photograph by FlyerTalk member KARFA. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by KARFA.

“There’s no need to do anything differently in order to achieve or retain Inner Circle status”, responded FlyerTalk member and official company representative KimptonInTouch — also known as Susan McDowell, who is the Member Communications Manager, Loyalty Marketing for Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants — to the concern of FlyerTalk member RogerMurdock, who is one stay away from renewing Inner Circle elite tier status. “It’s business as usual for our awesome members as we get ready to introduce new perks and surprises and a refreshed program. We can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on. Luckily, we don’t have to wait very long…”
The wait is over — and it is not just frequent guest loyalty program points for room nights anymore.
As of today, Kimpton Hotels and Restaurants Group has introduced Karma Rewards, which is a “new approach to loyalty that shifts the focus to rewarding guests for true engagement with Kimpton” — rather than simply measured by stays at hotel properties.
Examples of activities which can affect how you advance up the new elite level tiers of Karma Rewards — of which there are now four instead of two — include the following:
  • Attending wine hour or an exercise class
  • Direct booking of your hotel room reservation
  • Dining at a Kimpton restaurant
  • “Tweeting” with the social media representatives of Kimpton
  • Bringing a pet to stay at a Kimpton hotel property…
  • …and a bunch of other “fun stuff”

The higher the elite status tier, the more “cool stuff” you get while staying at a Kimpton hotel property.
Also, the rewards are not generic and fixed either, as you will never know when you will be surprised and delighted based on your personal preferences with perks and benefits formerly reserved only for members of the Inner Circle elite status tier — all just for staying at Kimpton hotel properties as you typically would do. You might be greeted with a framed photograph of your favorite celebrity in your hotel room as a fun little surprise. How about a treat at no extra charge — compliments of the chef? Perhaps you may receive a credit to partake in a favorite activity in a spa. Could a credit for a stay at a night in a Kimpton hotel property be in your future?
This part might sound somewhat creepy to you — but this is the key to how the Karma Rewards frequent guest loyalty program works: a customer relationship management system will be behind the scenes to enable employees of Kimpton hotel properties to enter what they overhear and observe about your behavior during your stay in addition to information you added when you filled out your questionnaire upon joining the program.
Below are a few quick facts about Kimpton Karma Rewards frequent guest loyalty program and how it stands apart from its competition:

  • It rewards the entire relationship, as one size simply does not fit all: it is not all about “freebies”; but rather about genuine loyalty from both sides — allowing Kimpton to recognize you uniquely and reward accordingly
  • It assigns you a cumulative score calculated via a proprietary formula which weighs your brand engagement and other behavior; and it is the aggregate of these factors which will determine that score
  • Based on your score, you will be assigned a specific tier level; and each tier has different perks and personalized experiences — and with more activity, you move up in tiers and experience additional Karmic rewards.

Although there are questions to be answered, FlyerTalk members seem to welcome the new frequent guest loyalty program, as there will supposedly be greater reward availability, late check-out priority and VIP restaurant reservations — and although suite upgrades are supposedly specifically excluded from the room upgrade policy, “we’ll do our best to put you in a suite if it’s available upon check in”, posted KimptonInTouch.
“Inner Circle requalification drops to 14 stays, but increases to 40 nights”, noted FlyerTalk member woodyDCA.
Here is the rewards and benefits chart to the Kimpton Karma Rewards frequent guest loyalty program:

Click on the chart above to see it — in actual size — from its original source at the official Internet web site of the Karma Rewards frequent guest loyalty program.

What do you think of the switch of the frequent guest loyalty program from InTouch to Karma Rewards — and how do you feel about how your preferences will be tracked? Would you consider switching to Karma Rewards from the frequent guest loyalty program of a competing lodging chain?

One thought on “Kimpton Karma Rewards Replaces InTouch Frequent Guest Loyalty Program”

  1. kellyl says:

    I LOVE it! I’ve been a big Kimpton fan for a while, and apart from some design updates, I never thought the In-Touch program needed much improvement. I was pretty nervous about the “enhancements” that might be cloaked as devaluations, but at first glance I would say “great job Kimpton – keep it up!”

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