Knock ‘n’ Push

What do you think about housekeeping staff using the Knock ‘n’ Push technique?

What is the definition, you may ask?

According to FlyerTalk member mikeef, the Knock ‘n’ Push technique is described as: “Instead of the maid knocking, yelling “housekeeping,” waiting a few seconds for an answer and then opening the door, it has become increasingly common to knock and open the door without waiting for an answer.”

But wait: before you latch onto the “latch the door” argument or think that you have the answer locked with the “latch the door” solution, think again.

Why would FlyerTalk member obscure2k strongly recommend to “cut off your phone”?

Find out what FlyerTalk members are saying, including what they believe causes this problem and what LTSTDAOLTOIAC means, in the Annoying trends in hotel housekeeping: increased use of “knock ‘n push” thread.

For those of you who read the title of this posting and thought the topic had to do with something else, get your mind out of the gutter.

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