Offers 15,000 Hotels for US$1.00 Per Night…

…but it is not as easy as you think, as you really have to earn that $1-per-night hotel room.

For starters, you have to book Monday through Friday within a certain 15-minute window — but when that 15-minute window is each day is a surprise and is different every day.

That is no problem, though — will e-mail you hints to help you guess when that 15-minute booking period is activated.

However, is the surprise 15-minute window for booking a $1-per-night hotel room the only restriction for securing this deal?

If you believe that the effort is worth scoring a hotel room for US$1.00 per night, then read the Offers 15,000 Hotels for $1 Per Night thread for additional details.

One thought on “ Offers 15,000 Hotels for US$1.00 Per Night…”

  1. Don says:

    For $7 total price of 7 nights in NYC,it worth the effort.

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