Lawn Days Summer Concert 2019 Tickets For 10,000 Hilton Honors Points

How would you like to see Peter Frampton come alive during his farewell tour? Consider it crazy on you if you did not see sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson rock with Heart in person. Don’t blink — or you might miss seeing Blink 182 live in concert. Young or old, UB40 if you want to hear their version of Red Red Wine — which was written by Neil Diamond — live. If you sneak off to a Third Eye Blind concert, someone will turn a blind eye to that. Do you feel obliged to see Mary J. Blige? How about Smashing Pumpkins before Halloween arrives?

Lawn Days Summer Concert 2019 Tickets For 10,000 Hilton Honors Points

Those are just some of the artists you could see performing around the United States this summer, as Hilton once again this year launched its initiative in its concert series partnership with Live Nation — which has been ongoing for almost 4.5 years — in a series of concerts for the summer of 2019 known as Lawn Days, through which you can secure two tickets for as few as 10,000 Hilton Honors points.

Thousands of lawn seat concert tickets are available on the auction platform of Hilton Honors over the course of the summer of 2019 for only 10,000 Hilton Honors points per ticket package of two tickets — and they are accessible to every elite status tier of Hilton Honors member. Simply look for the Lawn Days logo so as not to confuse them with other types of tickets and experiences which are currently up for auction.

Concert dates in 2019 range from June through October in dozens of cities across the United States — with artists and bands ranging from The Who to Rascal Flatts to Alice Cooper to Brad Paisley to Slipknot to Wiz Khalifa to Alabama.

You need to be a member of the Hilton Honors frequent guest loyalty program in order to take advantage of this promotion. Enrollment only takes a moment of your time and is free of charge.

The Hilton Honors Auction Platform allows members to use Hilton Honors points for premium seats, VIP access to events around the world, and other experiences; and the partnership between Hilton Honors and Live Nation for the Hilton Honors Concert Series allows Hilton Honors members to bid on unique music experiences and private shows.

The Hilton Honors Concert Series is a unique music program which inspires travel to top music destinations around the world while offering members access to exclusive and intimate live performances.


I enjoy music and would not mind going to some of these concerts. For example, I saw Neon Trees and Elliot Root perform in concert back in December of 2015.

Keep in mind that some of the bands who are performing do not have their original personnel. For example, Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes — who was the original lead singer of TLC — is no longer a part of the band because of her untimely death in 2002 at the age of 30; and because of a tragic airplane crash in Mississippi in 1977 and personnel changes, the only original member who is currently part of Lynyrd Skynyrd is guitarist Gary Rossington. For some people, these notable personnel omissions could impact the enjoyment of the concert…

…but then again, when I went to see John Fogerty in concert three years ago, he and his band performed well enough that I almost felt like I was listening to Creedence Clearwater Revival — so your mileage may vary, as is said.

Enjoy the music if you decide to participate in this promotion — and I do not apologize if what I wrote in this article was too KORNy. Yes, KORN is part of the concert series this year as well…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

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