Lawsuit Pending Against Internet Brands?

We at The Gate are uncertain at this time the details of what appears to be a pending lawsuit of Ran Decisions v. Internet Brands, but sbrower, one of the original members of FlyerTalk, apparently has a copy of the complaint, an interesting new legal case filed today in the United States District Court in California in which Internet Brands allegedly has not paid what it owes for its purchase of FlyerTalk in 2007 and includes some allegations that Internet Brands has failed to properly support FlyerTalk, leading to a significant increase in technical complaints and user complaints and specifically cites the failure to properly fix the Search feature.

Ran Decisions is the Colorado Springs, Colorado-based parent company of Frequent Flyer Services, owner of such brands as InsideFlyer magazine, WebFlyer, Frequent Flyer Travel Services and AwardPlanner. FlyerTalk member and founder Randy Petersen is the president and chief executive officer.

Internet Brands is an El Segundo, California-based company which, amongst its other Internet web site brands of which it owns greater than 100, owns FlyerTalk. Robert N. Brisco is the chief executive officer.

5 thoughts on “Lawsuit Pending Against Internet Brands?”

  1. Basically IB hasn’t paid the profit sharing based on specific performance metrics achieved in 2009. Those payments were due 5.5 months ago.

    Oh, and there is suggestion of breach of contract for failing to operate the site appropriately because of things like search being broken so much, arguably decreasing page views and further decreasing the profit sharing numbers.

  2. “To regurgitate the question…”

    That’s pretty funny. Hope you’re enjoying an excellent day.

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