Life Without FlyerTalk

As I write this, the software that powers FlyerTalk is undergoing an upgrade that will hopefully allow FlyerTalk to be even better than ever.

FlyerTalk members are either sleeping in bed, twiddling their thumbs, working more productively than ever at their jobs, attempting to log onto FlyerTalk in the hopes that it will be back up and running sooner than expected or, most likely, doing what they do best: traveling and maximizing their earning and redeeming of points and miles.

While it certainly is possible to communicate with other FlyerTalk members via such methods as e-mail, telephone, chat and other Internet bulletin board web sites, it just is not the same without FlyerTalk. Did a “mistake fare” worthy of a posting in the Mileage Run forum just become available, only to disappear before FlyerTalk is accessible again? How many more days are there until that bonus miles promotion ends? Has a new offer just been announced about which you simply do not yet know?

There are a number of people that say that FlyerTalk is just another Internet bulletin board web site. That may be true for some, but not for me. I have made new friends – real friends that I have actually met with whom I keep in touch. I have traveled to destinations to which I may not have otherwise traveled were it not for FlyerTalk. In fact, many aspects of my life has changed for the better because of FlyerTalk. None of this is an exaggeration. To me, FlyerTalk is not just some Internet web site out there in “cyberspace”. It is real, and that fact cannot be more evident than when one finds oneself meeting other FlyerTalk members in faraway lands, sharing travel stories at famous landmarks, discussing the latest strategies pertaining to earning and redeeming points and miles over dinner – all in real time, in person, face to face.

FlyerTalk now has enough members to populate a medium-sized city, and the membership continues to increase every day. The members of FlyerTalk do not fit the stereotype of an Internet bulletin board web site of a bunch of desperate “geeks” who sit around a computer day and night. FlyerTalk members are artists, lawyers, photographers, doctors, pilots, homemakers, engineers, truckers, executives, writers, entrepreneurs and people of other varied occupations who share the love of travel, points and miles. I find FlyerTalk members to be intelligent, opinionated, talented and informative, among other traits and qualities. FlyerTalk is a place which can truly enrich one’s lifestyle, if one has the proper frame of mind. I speak from personal experience.

FlyerTalk members are astonished to learn that I admit to being more of an introvert. However, I am more of an extrovert when posting on FlyerTalk, as well as when I meet FlyerTalk members in person, to the point where I will go out of my way to introduce myself to a FlyerTalk member whom I have not yet met. I suppose it is because I gradually developed a comfort level to FlyerTalk. Of course, I still guard my personal life on FlyerTalk with as much privacy as possible. After all, it is the Internet where anyone can silently find out more about you if you let them. However, once I get to know a FlyerTalk member better in person, I become more relaxed and will divulge some personal information about myself.

Right now, there is no FlyerTalk. It does not exist, except buried on the hard disk drives of some computer servers somewhere in Colorado Springs. Thankfully, that will only last for a couple of days or so. For some FlyerTalk members, this temporary state of limbo is just that – temporary – and that is what gets them through the days without their FlyerTalk fix.

As of now, this “blog” is my only means of connecting to a vestige of FlyerTalk. Although I do miss logging onto FlyerTalk, at least its absence gave me a topic to post that was not about disgusting bodily functions, as that seems to be becoming the latest trend on some FlyerTalk threads for some unknown reason. However, while I am not able to access FlyerTalk, I am managing to get even more done than I usually do, as well as get some more sleep.

By the time you read this, FlyerTalk is most likely operating again, better than ever. I will see you there…

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