Liquids and Gels: What Is Allowed to Carry On Board and What Is Not Allowed?

In light of recent events pertaining to increased airport security prohibiting liquids and gels from being carried on-board an aircraft, it is interesting that even the most seasoned of travelers are confused as to what is allowed to be carried on a flight and what is not allowed.

Whether it is Gummi Bears, solution for contact lenses, asthma inhalers, saline breast implants or even babies, it would seem to only be a matter of time before traveling companions will eventually be prohibited from boarding aircraft.

After all, depending on whether one is a man, woman or child, the human body is comprised of approximately 50% to 75% water.

Then again, FlyerTalk member joelfreak succinctly summed it up here in one simple sentence:

“If we just ban all humans, flying will be safe!”

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