Live Maggots Found on Airport Sandwich?

When you order a sandwich at a restaurant located at an airport, the last thing you would expect to see is your “Parmesan cheese moving” on top of the bread — but that is exactly what Joel Woloshuk claims to have found in the form of live maggots after ordering a focaccia sandwich for lunch at the Café Intermezzo franchise location inside Terminal B of the international airport in Atlanta.
Woloshuk reportedly declined a refund offered by the restaurant manager, wanting instead to be certain that no one else endures this rather disgusting experience.
The odd part of this story is that Woloshuk supposedly traveled with the sandwich to Miami and returned to Atlanta before alerting WSB-TV Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta, which has a video recorded by Woloshuk of the live maggots crawling on the sandwich.

The president of Café Intermezzo reportedly “truly regrets the isolated incident occurred” and suggested that the problem possibly originated with the supplier of the bread, as it “could not have been generated on our premises.”
The bread supplier — with which Café Intermezzo no longer conducts business and supposedly still supplies bread and products to other food vendors at the airport — reportedly also denied that the problem originated in their facility as well, claiming that a visit by an inspector of the Department of Agriculture of the United States occurred during the prior week.
Regardless of the fact that the Board of Health in Clayton County found no violation which could be cited at the franchise location when it was inspected based on the complaint, managers of every airport restaurant will reportedly be given ultraviolet inspection lights so they can independently inspect food shipments; and the Department of Aviation will also start touring food suppliers located in the Atlanta metropolitan area and report any violations to the corresponding authority.
Although the likelihood of finding live maggots crawling on your food purchased at the airport in Atlanta would be extremely low, I recommend that you take the extra few minutes to inspect your food carefully and thoroughly before consuming it — and conduct your inspection near the food vendor in case there are any issues so that you may easily report those issues to them.

5 thoughts on “Live Maggots Found on Airport Sandwich?”

  1. wizozzie says:

    This sounds fishy. If you know anythig about maggots and all of the regulation that goes on food production, you’d know that it’s more likely that an employee put the maggots on the food. Lame.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Well, I am certainly not an expert on maggots — but an investigation into this matter is supposedly under way into finding out the origin of those maggots.

  2. duniawala says:

    Maggots are a good source of protein. People pay money for them in other countries.

  3. It'sHip2B^2 says:

    I have in my life found maggots in my food. So it does happen. I have seen more than enough hidden camera reports on airline food suppliers making food in unsanitary conditions. I once found a chunk of insulation baked into my Jack-in-the-Box sandwich bread. It is plausible that the maggots came from the bread supplier and it is equally plausible that the maggots were laid and hatched at the airport. If the bread was individually wrapped or wrapped in small groups, I’m going to have to side with the Intermezzo and say it was the bread folks. If they cut ties with the supplier, I’d bet that the found other tainted goods in their supplies. You don’t sever a business relationship over a one-off.

  4. DLroads says:

    I think there was an extra charge for extra protein… Enhancement!
    *Sarcasm Warning*

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