Lock In Your American Airlines AAdvantage Elite Status for 2020

American Airlines is offering for you to lock in your elite level status for the 2020 membership year in the AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program based on either or both of the following criteria:

  • The expiration of your AAdvantage elite status membership level on Friday, January 31, 2020
  • Your elite qualifying activity in 2019

Lock In Your American Airlines AAdvantage Elite Status for 2020

American Airlines domestic first class

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

All current members of the AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program are eligible to participate in this offer based upon the aforementioned criteria — but not all members will actually qualify for an offer.

Your membership in the AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program — as well as travel with American Airlines and related details — comprise the basis of your offer, including how far you are away from a tier based on your balance of Elite Qualification Miles, Elite Qualification Dollars, and Elite Qualification Segments; and other membership account and transaction related activity. Such variables are taken into account in order to allocate members into offer groups. Offers to eligible members may vary.

In order to find out just how much a qualification bundle for elite level status would cost, I resorted to viewing this discussion which was posted on FlyerTalk. Different offers to different FlyerTalk members varied wildly, from $295.00 or 29,500 miles to retain Gold elite level status to $2,795.00 or 279,500 miles to retain Executive Platinum elite level status.

Others were greeted by the message of “Thanks for visiting. Our records show that you’re not eligible to receive an offer at this time.”

Select Terms and Conditions

American Airlines Flagship Lounge Admirals Club

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

The ability to obtain elite status through this offer is a one-time option and cannot be transferred. You must be a member in good standing of the American Airlines AAdvantage frequent flier loyalty program and hold AAdvantage elite level status, valid through Friday, January 31, 2020, and/or meet the requirement for elite qualifying activity for 2019 in order to qualify for this offer. Customers receiving temporary elite status as part of a special challenge offer must first meet the qualification requirements to retain that elite status level beyond the temporary period to be eligible to participate in this offer.

You may choose the offer(s) for which you are qualified. You must pay the published amount for your selected offer, which is subject to change from time to time by American Airlines without notice to you.

All amounts paid by you under this program are exclusive of sales, use or privilege taxes, or tax-like charges, fees or similar liabilities. Goods and Services Tax applies to residents of Canada. American Airlines reserves the right to refuse to fulfill any elite status offer if you do not fully pay all amounts due and payable by you. All applicable fees are collected in United States dollars or if applicable, AAdvantage miles, and are non-refundable. You must pay the renewal fee, in addition to any applicable taxes and credit card processing fees, in full by Friday, July 31, 2020, unless otherwise stated.

Select AAdvantage Members may be eligible to use miles to pay for this offer. Such select AAdvantage members will be provided with a payment option of paying for the Member’s elite status offer with either a credit card, AAdvantage miles or a combination of miles and a credit card according to the sliding scale provided in the Member’s offer. Each Member must have sufficient AAdvantage miles in his or her account to complete the AAdvantage miles portion of his or her transaction. Redemptions may only be made from a single account per transaction. You may not combine AAdvantage miles from two or more accounts on a single transaction. AAdvantage miles referred to are not actual miles, but represent credits in the AAdvantage program. No cash value equivalent.

Elite status offers obtained through this program will not be authorized retroactively if payment is not completed before the Member’s current status expires. The elite status effective date for Members purchasing an elite status level higher than their current elite status level valid through January 31, 2021, will be within 5 business days of the purchase being completed. The elite status effective date for Members purchasing an elite status level that is the same or lower than their current elite status level valid through January 31, 2020, will be February 1, 2020, or if the purchase is completed after that date, within 5 business days of the purchase being completed.

Elite status offers made through this program are valid for elite status in the AAdvantage program only.

Your submission of an elite status request authorizes American to charge the credit card that you provided for the fees associated with the transaction undertaken by you, or to deduct the applicable number of miles from your AAdvantage account at the time of purchase. All charges related to an elite status offer should appear on your monthly credit card statement, or as a redemption in your AAdvantage account. In the event of any financial discrepancy, payment calculations under the program shall be based upon data maintained by American or its agent.

Basic Economy fares are not eligible for upgrades, complimentary/discounted Preferred or Main Cabin Extra seats, Same Day Standby or Same Day Confirmed Flight Change.


American Airlines

Photograph ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

I was one of the people who did not qualify for an offer to lock in elite level status for 2020 — but I am not sure I would have taken advantage of such an offer.

Although premium benefits of elite level status — such as complimentary upgrades, priority boarding and waived baggage fees to name a few perks — are nice to have and can be rather useful while traveling, the prices towards elite level status can be quite expensive. I would advise purchasing them only if you believe that the sum of the benefits you will receive in return exceed your investment — otherwise, I do not recommend participating in this offer.

All photographs ©2019 by Brian Cohen.

2 thoughts on “Lock In Your American Airlines AAdvantage Elite Status for 2020”

  1. Jim F. says:

    Would payment to secure/continue elite status be reimbursed by American Express as a qualifying “airline incidental credit”? Do you (or any of your readers) know the answer to this question?

  2. Anthony Macaluso says:

    Why do it? Status with American is rarely worth having it. Upgrades are far and few between and too, try booking a flight with miles using Miles Saver to Europe on an American operated flight for 57500 miles for business/first,. it does not exist except for only on British Airways. I’ve been top tier since American has offered it and I have accumulated approximately 7 million miles and quite frankly have no interest in paying to regain the status. Customer service has left American Airlines.

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