Longest High-Speed Rail Line Debuted Today in China

High-speed train G502 leaves the Changsha South Railway Station in Changsha, capital of the Hunan Province in central China, on December 26, 2012. The Changsha South Railway Station is one of the stops of the Beijing-Guangzhou High-Speed Railway — the longest in the world. Photograph courtesy of Xinhu/Li Ga.

The high-speed rail line between Beijing and Guangzhou — spanning greater than half of China at a distance of 2,298 kilometers, or 1,428 miles — is now open and will reportedly operate three trains daily, reducing the travel time by more than half and taking as little as approximately eight hours at an average speed of 300 kilometers per hour.
A seat in the second-class car of the new high-speed train costs 865 yuan, or approximately US$138.00. If you have more time — twelve hours of extra time, to be more precise — you can secure a sleeper seat on the older rail line for approximately half of that fare, as the older rail line still operates alongside the new high-speed line.
In addition to saving approximately $70.00 or so, the older rail line option will also save you money on a hotel room for the night if you do not mind sleeping on a train.
This new high-speed rail line could accelerate development of land along its route in China, and it is expected to boost the economy while saving money as well.
Of course, FlyerTalk members await the first trip report of this new high-speed bullet train…

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