Looking for info?

Flyer Talk and FTers have a wealth of information to share. It can be daunting to find it sometimes.

Check if the information is already posted. Use FT search (advanced search helps with more tailored searches). FT search has difficulty with some terms (eg common or short words) – in these cases try google search of FT by adding “site:www.flyertalk.com” into your search phrase.

Check out the FT wiki. Some pages have a lot of info – eg see flying Northwest Airlines – others not so much, yet.

Post a question soliciting information. Depending on what kind of information you are after, it is generally best to be as specific as you can. Eg instead of simply asking which frequent flyer program (FFP) is best for me, to which the answer is it depends, provide some information about how much flying you do, in what class (and cheap or higher fares), which airlines, what is important (upgrades, awards, status benefits), whether non-flying earning (eg credit cards) is important. That way a more tailored answer can be provided, with more details on specific features of FFPs that may be attractive or repulsive.