Looney Tunes Flight Announcement as Delivered by a Member of the Flight Crew

H ewwo, weadehs of The Gate — hahahah. This is Elmer Fudd posting a guest awticle for Bwian Cohen, who has always wiked Wooney Tunes cawtoons and wanted me to wepawt to you about a tawented fwight attendant who dewivered an announcement aboawd an aiwpwane on a fwight fwom Chicago opewated by Southwest Aiwwines using my voice and the voices of my cowweagues as shown in this YouTube video by someone known as Jordy Girl.

Hey, now — what’th the big idea taking away my thardom, Elmer?!? Gimme dat…

…thith ith Daffy Duck; and thith article ith mine, mine, mine — all MINE!!!

I am not giving any credit to Eric, who pothted thith article earlier today at Point Me to the Plane, which alerted uth to thethe shenaniganth. No thireee — not at all. I am the thtar here; and I want whatth coming to me — and I want it NOW!!!

BONK! Tweet tweet tweet…

Naaahhhh….what’s up, Doc? This is Bugs Bunny; and I gave that maroon Daffy Duck what he had coming to him all right…

…and if you believe that the Looney Tunes characters — which are under license by Warner Brothers — wrote this article, then I got a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you…

…and don’t think I had not already had my experiences with that bridge in a cartoon short decades ago.

Ain’t I a stinkah?!?

Excuse me, b-b-b-b-b-b-Bugs…can I f-f-f-f-fin-fini-f-f…er…end this article n-n-n-now?

Sure, Porky! Take it away!

Dbwee dbwee dbwee…that’s all, folks!

Source: Jordy Girl via YouTube.

Somehow, this did not seem to work out as well as a video…

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