Los Angeles to Sydney in Fewer than 5 Hours!

Ninety minutes from New York to Paris
Well by seventy-six we’ll be A.O.K.

I remember when Donald Fagen sang those words when he marveled about flying from New York to Paris in only 90 minutes in the 1982 song I.G.Y from the album The Nightfly.

It was only natural, therefore, when FlyerTalk member BrisbanePE checked and reviewed the itinerary and found that the duration of the flight from Los Angeles to Sydney was only 4 hours and 52 minutes – less time than it takes to fly from San Francisco to Los Angeles – there was certainly cause to be excited and celebrate.

Perhaps the Concorde has returned to service? What aircraft could possibly perform that feat of flying from the United States to Australia in fewer than 5 hours – and at what speed? On what airline should one book to attempt to experience this incredible flight?

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