Lose Something? Keep Your Pants On

FlyerTalk member mare0114 does acknowledge fault when mare0114 Left Designer Jeans in Room but “Not Found” by Fairfax DC, which means the lost $200.00 pair of designer jeans, which were folded up and accidentally left inside one of the drawers of the bedside dresser, will not return to its rightful owner after all.

As other similar stories were being related, FlyerTalk members began wondering why luxury hotels do not proactively call former guests when they find something valuable left behind in a room. Could the answer ultimately be to protect the privacy of the guest?

Anyway, not all of the stories end on a negative note, as some FlyerTalk members have had hotel properties either hold onto or return their personal belongings, while others simply reimbursed the value of the lost property to their former guests…

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