Lost Passport on United Airlines Flight: Immediate Assistance Requested

Have you seen this on a United Airlines flight recently?

The plea of FlyerTalk member darkhunter is being re-posted here in the hopes that assistance can be given to recovering or replacing a lost passport as soon as possible:

“I know this is a crazy long shot but I am begging the FT community for help.
“As many others I took advantage of the cheap SFO-ICN on UA deal.
“My return flight home was yesterday (Oct 25th 2011) arriving at SFO airport from ICN at about 1130am SFO time. UA 892
“I have no idea but do they use the same plane to fly that route over and over?
“If anyone else of flying that SFO-ICN route anytime soon I am in need of your help.
“I very stupidly left my passport in the back seat pocket!
“To make a long story short basically I was not allowed to re-enter the plane, they said some kinda regulation. Which is so stupid. It was like 5 minutes later and I knew right where it was. No one seemed to care at all.
“Eventually someone from customs called UA who took forever to send someone down and then that person claimed she could not find it. Though I got the feeling she did not try very hard, no one seemed to care at all to be honest. So I don’t know if maybe someone on the cleaning crew noticed it and stole it or if its still buried there.
“If anyone from FT can help I was row 58 seat B, left side of the plane I had everything stuffed in the back pocket farthest to the left
“I was in the row in the back where it goes to 2 seats from 3 (make sense?) and I stuffed all the magazines, headphones, etc in the seatback all the way to the left. So in other words its behind seat 57A according to seat guru map. If anyone is going to be on that plane, if they could thoroughly check that area for my passport I would be so grateful. I will paypal a reward of $100 (send me an email or something with a pic/proof) plus whatever the cost to ship it back to me! Yes I know a new passport is only like $100 anyways but I would like to have this one, the stamps are like souvenirs to me.
“Anyways I know this is a long shot but I had to try. Thank you!”

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