Love at 35,000 Feet? Is It Possible?!?

SM, 35, looking for SF, 30-40 for travel and dining all over the world. Must be FF on DL and AA, likes staying in Marriotts and Hyatts, and prefers Avis over Hertz.
Intrigued, she responds to his personal advertisement. They meet at the ticketing counter at the airport. Both are excited to be going through the airport security checkpoint together. “Hey — I might get to see a photograph of you naked, and we have only been together for 30 minutes!”
“In your dreams”, she replies. “However, you might get to see how radiant I am as we collect our belongings.”
They start to undress — as they approach the airport security checkpoint. They first remove their shoes. He takes off his belt. She removes her jewelry. They place their items — in the same bin.
This relationship is already off to a wild start.
She notices his muscular physique as his arms and legs are spread wide apart as the body scanner — well — scans his body. Hey, I am no Jackie Collins, you know.
“Sir, are these your high-heeled shoes?” asks the Transportation Security Administration agent.
“Why, yes — of course!” he says in a high-pitched voice as he twirls his body mockingly. She rolls her eyes and laughs.
He holds her hand as they get dressed together: her feet slip into her shoes; he puts his belt back on. “Wow — that was incredible!” he exclaimed. “It usually takes me longer — but this time it was effortless!”

You, too, can find love at the airport. Photograph © by CapturedNuance.

“It was my first time”, she replied.
“No — I was just kidding. My first time was when I traveled on a Virgin.”
“To London?”
“Yes!!! How did you know?!?”
They listened to the music from his smartphone together. “That is one of my favorite songs!” she said.
“Really? Mine too!” he said, astonished.
At the gate — no, not this weblog — she hears her name called over the public address system. The gate agent informs her that she has been upgraded. She turns it down and requests a seat next to her new companion instead.
Okay, stop with the “yeah, right”s. It could happen, you know. Unlikely — but possible.
Once aboard the aircraft, she leans in to him. He puts his arm around her — but only after he finishes his game of Bejeweled on the in-flight entertainment system.
“You are just soooo romantic,” she says sarcastically to him. He smiles.
The meals arrive — I guess that is a clue that they are not traveling on a domestic flight in the United States in the economy class cabin. Together, they remove the foils which covered their meals, intertwine their arms and lick the residue from the foil to taste each other’s meals. “Mmmm….delicious”, she says.
He cuts a piece of his burnt unidentifiable meat from some unknown animal and feeds her a piece. She in turn scoops a portion of the yellow gelatinous glop and plops it into his tin. They laugh as the immediate area is splattered with yellow…er…stuff.
An “I love you” blurts from his mouth unexpectedly.
“I love you too”, she responds while glowing inside — purportedly more so from ingesting that yellow gelatinous glop with the unidentifiable meat from some unknown animal, rather than in reaction to what he said.
“Let’s get married at the non-denominational chapel at the airport when we land”, he burped.
“How romantic!!!”
“We will never be alone again when we travel — and I just won $460.00 from this contest where we will stay at the most romantic hostel!”
Now you know why I do not write romantic novels.
In fact, I invite you to get creative. Add to this fictitious story by posting in the Comments section below. I am really looking forward to seeing your contributions.
Anyway, there are actually Internet web sites for travel dating where you can possibly meet that special someone — and they even have niches which differentiate themselves from one another. One connects travelers with locals for advice and activities. Another allows you to post a trip which you are planning and invite complete strangers to join you. Another matches you with fellow airline passengers, allowing you to connect with them on the Web before you connect in the air. Yet another is designed for you if you are searching for love. And yes, there is even one for those who want to make friends at hostels — although I would not recommend being hostel to someone upon first meeting him or her…
…and — believe it or not — there is even one where attractive people use their looks to be matched with generous people in garnering free travel. Can you say “sugar daddy”?
That last one sounds rather sleazy — not that the others might not cause you to pause for a second. But hey — whatever floats your boat…
…or, in this case, fly your airplane.
If none of that interests you, you can always fly as a passenger on KLM Royal Dutch Airlines and use their social check-in feature.
Although FlyerTalk is not an Internet web site for dating by any means, several marriages of FlyerTalk members have occurred over the years. I will not say who to protect their privacy — although you can easily search for who they are on FlyerTalk in the CommunityBuzz! forum. They simply met at gatherings of FlyerTalk members somewhere around the world and eventually fell in love.
Valentine’s Day may have been yesterday — but it is never too early to work on Valentine’s Day for next year, is it?
Would you ever use an Internet web site for travel dating?

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    Hey, that was a great start of a novel. Continue!

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