Lufhansa Strikes to Continue Indefinitely

If you plan on being a Lufthansa passenger within the foreseeable future, you are well advised to keep up to date with the latest in a series of strikes being implemented by the union representing the cabin crew protesting pay and cost cuts.
The latest strike involving Lufthansa has been announced for tomorrow, Tuesday, 4 September 2012. The airports expected to be affected by the strike are still unknown at this time as the Independent Flight Attendants Organization — or UFO, which is the union representing cabin crew members currently striking against Lufthansa — has not yet revealed details, as they are to be released only on very short notice before each announced strike action.
Flights operated by CityLine, Eurowings and Germanwings will not be affected by the strike.
Thousands of passengers have already been affected by the strike in the form of a rolling series of stoppages this past Friday, 31 August 2012 when hundreds of Lufthansa flights in Frankfurt were grounded.
According to FlyerTalk member and Miles & More forum moderator oliver2002:

“It looks like LH definitely wants to run the shorthaul with the direct4U concept like Cityline: short term contracts with long hours and low wages. The Mainline salaries are supposed to be capped and minimum hours raised to 72, with an expectation to do 80-90h/month on average, with short-/midhaul not counting extra (with a factor of 1.1-.3x) anymore. Vacation is also proposed to be cut from 42(!) to 40.
“So in essence LH is going after the remaining niceties in the LH FA world. UFO certainly will go a for a strike action as this is one of the cornerstones of their support. They are also picking their topics and will focus on the elements that can be striked on, so that no court can deny the right to strike.”

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled may receive free of charge a choice of a refund or re-booking of the affected flight. Passengers traveling on German domestic flights may opt to exchange their airline ticket for a train ticket instead, although certain terms and conditions apply.
For additional information, please refer to the LH UFO flight attendant Strike [Info thread].

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