Man Represents Himself as a Woman in Texas Dressing Room

“Y ou wrote: ‘so why would I care if a man who was originally a woman uses the same washroom as me?’ Typical male attitude thinking one way, not the other”, Melissa — who is a reader of The Gateposted in response to my article pertaining to whether or not you are avoiding travel to North Carolina because of the recent passage of a law by the North Carolina General Assembly known as the Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act, which bans local governments in the state from instituting protective measures against anti-discrimination based on sexual orientation; and requires transgender people in public schools, universities and government buildings to use washrooms which match the gender on their birth certificates.

“You should care the other way: if a woman, who was originally a man….AND STILL IS A MAN….uses a woman’s room. The women don’t want HIM in there, the women that have privacy because they were originally a woman, and still are women have primary rights! The reason we have birth certificates is to prove your gender AT BIRTH. After that, the choice is not for everyone else to make simply because one person has something wrong in their head that belongs inside a mental institution.”

You ain’t heard nothin’ yet, Melissa.

Man Represents Himself as a Woman in Texas Dressing Room

Employees of a department store in Texas allowed a man — who “had on jeans, a t-shirt, 5 o’clock shadow, very deep voice” and “was in no way dressed as a woman” — into the dressing room for women because “he was representing himself as a woman” on the day of the incident, according to this article written by Dan Haggerty, who is an anchorman of KTVT Channel 11 News in Fort Worth.

“I was in the dressing room, when we heard a man’s voice,” said Lisa Sickles, who says she quickly told a manager. “She went inside the dressing room, came right back out and called me to the side and told me… he was representing himself as a woman today.”

Lisa Sickles asked “What about me? Or my feelings? (The manager) told me that if I felt uncomfortable in the dressing room with him there… I’d have to wait until he’s finished.”

A customer service representative with Ross — which is a chain of department stores — would not comment on the alleged incident which occurred in their store in Mesquite; but said “they do not discriminate against the transgender community; adding, customers may use changing rooms that apply to their gender identity.”

Other retail store companies in the United States — such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Target — reportedly have similar policies; while Kohl’s requires its customers to “use facilities aligned with their biological gender.”


I had lunch recently with a friend who expressed his outrage to me pertaining to the concept of a person deciding on what gender he or she would like to be that day before choosing to use the facility which corresponds to his or her choice — and this was before the aforementioned incident in Texas occurred.

Another person told me that she could see this issue leading to facilities which call for privacy and rights for males, females and every variation of the two genders in between. She wondered rhetorically whether instead of two facilities — one specifically for each gender — should there be dozens of facilities available for every conceivable variation?

I personally am not sure what sparked this issue in the first place. After all, what did people do before this controversy erupted?

People who consider themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender — or any other variation of sexuality — have rights. I get that. My question is this: does that mean that the rights of straight people should erode as a result? Does Lisa Sickles have a right to use a public dressing room or public washroom for women only? Should a man be able to waltz right on into a facility meant only for women with nothing more than a declaration of what gender he decides to represent himself on a whim? What is the minima criteria in order for a person of one gender to represent himself or herself as the opposite gender other than a vocal declaration? Where should the line be drawn?

Melissa is correct: I do have a typical male attitude; and I do not care if a man who was originally a woman uses the same washroom as me; or — for that matter — if a woman outright walked into that washroom declaring herself as a man, as I do not flaunt my…er…assets around…

…but my male attitude would change if enough women latched onto the idea that they can represent themselves as men to avoid those pathetically long lines for the washroom designated for women. If I had to wait on a long line just to use the washroom as a result, you had better believe I would care…

…but would I be sexist if I declared what Melissa stated in agreement with her? Would I simply be perpetuating a double standard? Could you one day very well find a person of the opposite gender using the same washroom or toilet facilities as you at an airport?

There has to be a compromise where the rights of all people are respected. Perhaps there should be one facility which is divided into private enclosed stalls — similar to toilet rooms found in Europe or lavatories found aboard airplanes — instead of facilities devoted to specific genders.

Graphic assembled by Brian Cohen.

19 thoughts on “Man Represents Himself as a Woman in Texas Dressing Room”

  1. MFK says:

    That story sounds like complete horsesh*t.

  2. Tom says:

    Look, if a man says he’s a woman, then HE IS A WOMAN and should be taken at her word! Neither you nor anyone else has the right to question that!

    1. Matt says:

      What? No. Truth is truth.

    2. Matt says:

      What?! No. Facts are still facts. Truth is still truth. A mental illness does not make one an alien no matter what they believe.

  3. Gene says:

    This entire issue is absurd, but dont worry, Donald Trump will fix it! He can just build transgender restrooms on the Mexican side of the Great Wall of Trump.

  4. Cindy says:

    What garbage.

    First, no one has ever – ever – decided what gender to be one day and then used the corresponding bathroom the next. Unless you’re a jackass in Texas trying to make a (wrong) point, that is. An actual trans woman does not have a beard.

    And I guess I’m not surprised that you somehow conflate gay with transgender (“so gay ppl have right, does that take away from straight ppl’s rights”). Being gay and being transgender have nothing to do with one another (many – maybe most – transgender ppl are straight). It just shows how pathetically naive you are about these issues.

    The transgender ppl I know spent years agonizing about what felt wrong, finding what felt right, and working on the transition. They’re in the bathroom to pee. Full stop. And they have as much right as you do.

    And for the record, every ladies room has individual stalls, so no one will ever see what a trans woman is up to or what’s under her skirt.

    One day, you’ll look back with shame at how you felt comfortable writing naive garbage while knowing so little about it. I am embarrassed for you already.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      “People who consider themselves gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender — or any other variation of sexuality — have rights.”

      Perhaps you conveniently missed reading that part of the article, Cindy. I suppose that according to you, transgender people, gay people and straight people all should have different levels of rights and should be treated differently.

      “Every ladies room has individual stalls” — seriously? Well, I should declare myself female one day and see for myself…

  5. Susan says:

    “If enough women latched onto the idea that they can represent themselves as men to avoid those pathetically long lines for the washroom designated for women. ”

    I have often used the men’s restroom, just to avoid the long line at the women’s restroom. I didn’t even represent myself as a man – I just walked in (generally, only when it’s one of those “one person at a time” bathrooms – I wouldn’t want to embarrass either myself or a man using the urinal.

    The solution to the changing room situation is to make changing rooms unisex, like that do at stores like Academy. As long as the changing room door is a proper door (and not a curtain), I don’t care who is in the next changing cubicle.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      That was my point, Susan — unisex washrooms might not be a bad idea if the proper amount of privacy is offered…

      …and if urinals in the men’s room had proper dividers — perhaps an area reserved for men and those women who are “talented” and comfortable enough to use a urinal — to ensure enough privacy, then this entire issue might be on the way to being resolved.

      If I find you in the men’s room, I promise to look the other way until you ensure your privacy…

  6. Ryan says:

    Only about 0.3% (not a typo, that’s zero point three percent) of the population at any given time suffers from some sort of feelings of a mental disconnect with their body according to government mental health studies. So perhaps about 900,000 people in the US could be legitimately “transgender” – which doesn’t even mean that all of them would be attempting to, or even want to, present themselves as such publicly.

    Yet suddenly we’re led to believe by the liberal media and social justice warriors that transgenderism is widespread and an urgent civil rights crisis. Among teens and college age people, it’s become the “in” thing to be gender-fluid, agender, transgender, non-binary….and to insists upon using made-up “pronouns”. All of this not due to true mental health issues with a mind-body disconnect, but as a conceit in order to fit in. This does a disservice to those who truly deal with such mental health issues of course.

    There was a recent video where a tall, Caucasian man was on college campuses asking students what they thought about the fact that he self-identifies as not only shorter but Asian. (This was done as an experiment not because he actually identifies as such.) It was amazing that almost 100% of students espoused instant agreement and didn’t even think to question his assertions. A few students seemed conflicted between the inanity of his claims and the social pressure that one must now accept whatever a person states that they “identify as”.

    I for one would actually be fine with non-gender specific restrooms as you mention are found elsewhere in the world. There really isn’t any need to have them separate aside from our puritanical aversion to acknowledging the human anatomy in North America. I’m sure our evolutionary ancestors didn’t worry about men and women urinating and defecating in closed off, separate locations.

    Come one, come all dressing rooms would certainly be fine – it’s not as if anyone would be exposed to another person undressing anyway. Though I suspect for stores, it’s as much about trying to keep clothing (that customers try on and then don’t want, leaving in the changing room) from the various departments as much together as possible for more efficient sorting and restocking.

    Yet suddenly we’re supposed to believe

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Thank you for that detailed and thoughtful response, Ryan. I agree with you and the term “puritanical aversion” to describe what could be considered irrational thinking.

      I have wondered in the past: other than actual anatomy, what really is the difference between a straight person using a washroom or toilet meant for the opposite gender and a person who prefers the same sex using the appropriate washroom or toilet?

      That thought came to my mind in particular with the “pat-down” policies of the Transportation Security Administration at airport security checkpoints…

  7. Drew says:

    Everyone needs to stop whining and either deal with it or stop going places with such policies. These “public restrooms” are on private property. If Target wants to allow anyone to choose whatever restroom they want then they should be able to do so. If you don’t like it then don’t go to Target. If another store wants to limit restroom usage to the gender on your birth certificate, then they should be able to do that as well.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Perhaps, Drew — but I believe the debate is more about who determines that policy than the policy itself.

      In North Carolina, the government is attempting to dictate who can and cannot use the “public restrooms” on supposed “private” property — such as in department stores — and that is where the debate becomes incredibly controversial.

  8. lopere says:

    Isn’t BoardingArea a credit car…err…travel related blog portal?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Well, I do not know about credit cards, lopere, as I have never had one affiliate link posted in the almost ten years in which I have been writing articles for The Gate; but as for travel related, the public washrooms and toilets of such places as airports and hotels could be affected by this controversial topic.

  9. JR Schanzenbacher says:

    This seems like a really dumb argument or debate. My thoughts are whatever parts you have, it probably makes more sense to use. But in all honesty anyways, who cares? I never stare at anyone’s equipment when I’m in the bathroom. I’ve only once had anyone wave their parts at me and their issue was NOT a gender one, trust me. Just nuts. (pardon the pun) I’m in there to get me business done as quickly and efficiently as possible. When I make a list of places to go during the day, public restrooms NEVER EVER make the list. So why are we wasting so much time about it?

    And before everyone starts spouting about how I must never have been exposed or accosted yadita blahdita etc etc. I’m a 53 year old man that has lived in New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, Washington DC, been to 9 foreign countries and 48 of the 50 states. I have seen a lot! When things get too weird, I’m just smart enough to move along.

  10. Chip01 says:

    This story is BS … And the article is a bit convoluted.

    We have laws in this country for a reason. If you break the law, you go to jail.. Crime/punishment.

    A transgendered person isn’t creeping their way into a restroom. They are not there to spy on you.

    If you can’t identify a criminal/creep – then that’s on you

    Have your blown up fake over dramatic bathroom discussion.
    Just know that the LGBT Community isn’t apart of it

    The men going into your bathrooms are heterosexual. So this is your own battle.

  11. James says:

    They need to remove the signs of a woman in a skirt and a man in the pants from all bathroom doors. Replace them with a sign of a penis another sign of a vagina. Problem solved.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      Are you sure that what the woman was wearing was a skirt, James?

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