Man Slaps Crying Boy; Utters Racial Slur During Flight

Photograph of Joe Rickey Hundley courtesy of the Kootenai County Sheriff Office.

FlyerTalk members express violent tendencies towards a male passenger — who allegedly slapped a boy two years of age and uttered a racial slur when the boy was crying due to a change in altitude on a flight operated by Delta Air Lines — by wanting to “beat the —-” out of the “jerk”, assault “the snot out of this trash”, and “punch that ignorant, egotistical piece of garbage in the face.”
After the mother of Jonah Bennett was ordered by 60-year-old Joe Rickey Hundley of Hayden, Idaho to “shut that —— baby up” after he started crying, Bennett reportedly suffered a scratch below the eye as the result of an alleged assault by the open hand of Hundley while aboard Delta Air Lines flight 721 as the aircraft was on final approach into Atlanta from its origination in Minneapolis.
Bennett reportedly screamed even louder as a result of the alleged assault by Hundley.
Hundley — who was allegedly inebriated while aboard the aircraft — faces one year in prison on the charge of simple assault on a person younger than the age of 16. He was reportedly relieved from employment as president of Unitech Composites and Structures.
FlyerTalk member roknroll had just missed being a passenger on that flight.
Delta Air Lines is reportedly cooperating with a federal investigation into the altercation.
Look — I do not want to be near a screaming or crying child while aboard an aircraft during the flight as much as any other passenger. In fact, I agree that parents should attempt reasonable control over their children during a flight to minimize disruption to fellow passengers. In this case, the child was reportedly suffering from pain as a result of a change in altitude — a normal occurrence which usually lasts for only minutes. A child certainly does not want to experience that pain — let alone want to cry and scream.
However, I cannot imagine being annoyed to the point where I would even consider striking a fellow passenger in the face with my hand — let alone insult a fellow passenger. No one has a right to assault another person unless it is for his or her own protection in self defense, which is clearly not the case in this incident…
…and if this man was intoxicated, he is responsible for knowing his limits and should not have been drinking if it contributed to impairing his judgment.
I personally hope he learns a lesson from this incident if the implied facts are indeed true.

3 thoughts on “Man Slaps Crying Boy; Utters Racial Slur During Flight”

  1. nursedoc says:

    I would add that I hope he has a year to think about it at taxpayer expense with 3 hots and a cot! There is no excuse for physical violence, let alone being rude and racial.

  2. RDU_USAir_CSA says:

    How do you strike a toddler on a flight headed for the good ole’ south (ATL), and not get beat into a pulp by fellow pax?

  3. thomwithanh says:

    Didn’t Russia ban inflight alcohol purchases/consumption because of issues like this? It’s people like him that ruin flying for the rest of us…

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