Man Threatened With $10,000 Lawsuit — for Leaving the Airport?

When a Flyer at SAN says no to grope, escorted from checkpoint by LEO, threatened with suit, it raises a question: if a passenger opts out of entering the body imaging machine at an airport security checkpoint and refuses an enhanced pat-down — ultimately leading to his being escorted out of an airport by a law enforcement officer — can he be forced by the Transportation Security Administration, or TSA, to return to the airport security checkpoint to complete the security screening, even though he is no longer scheduled to be a passenger on a flight that day due to an eventual refund of his non-refundable ticket?

Can a person who has already been officially escorted out of the airport face a fine of $10,000.00 and a possible civil suit against him? Was this an empty threat designed to coerce him, or is this alleged retaliation actually possible?

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