Marriott Rewards MORE is No More As of November 15, 2018

Well, that did not last long.

The shopping portal known as Marriott Rewards MORE will cease to exist as of Thursday, November 15, 2018 — which will basically end the option of earning Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program points by shopping.

Marriott Rewards MORE is No More As of November 15, 2018

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As of Sunday, January 15, 2017, ShopMyWay — which is an Internet shopping portal that once offered an easy way to earn Marriott Rewards points by shopping for items which you would purchase anyway at many retailers — suddenly no longer participated with Marriott Rewards; and any orders placed on or after that date did not earn Marriott Rewards points. No record of any announcement pertaining to that change was given in advance.

Fast forward to Tuesday, October 31, 2017, when Marriott Rewards MORE was introduced — not to be confused with the ShopMarriott Internet web site — which once again gave members of the Marriott Rewards frequent guest loyalty program an opportunity to earn points simply by shopping with the new mobile software application program and extension software for Internet browsers on computers.

You are currently able to earn an additional 1,000 Marriott Rewards points for your first transaction of a minimum of $25.00 — United States or Canada dollars — or £25.00; and if you pay with your Marriott Rewards credit card, you will earn a bonus of 25 percent more Marriott Rewards points after each transaction. These points are immediately available to use for your next purchase; a hotel redemption stay; and other items for which you can redeem points.

Drawbacks and Disadvantages

The Marriott Rewards MORE shopping portal is currently only available to members in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Plans supposedly existed to expand it to other areas around the world.

“The convenient, one-stop shopping app and desktop extension enables members to get richly rewarded with Marriott Rewards points when shopping over two-dozen top retailer sites including Converse, NET-A-PORTER, Nike, Ralph Lauren and Sephora”, according to this article written by Dan Forman — who is the senior director of public relations for Marriott International — in the official NewsCenter for the lodging company. Also, you can “use Rewards Points or a combination of cash + points directly on top-retailer sites. The convenient tool bar visible on the app and the desktop browser links with each member’s account to display the number of Marriott Rewards points available for use.”

As of the time this article was written on Saturday, January 13, 2018, only 21 total retailers are displayed at the shopping portal, which is certainly not “over two-dozen top retailer sites” — and although additional ones have indeed been added, the total number of retailers is only at 27.


The option of earning Marriott Rewards points will end on Thursday, November 15, 2018; so you still have a few days to take advantage of this option to earn bonus points.

That Marriott Rewards MORE was never expanded to its potential may be disappointing, as shopping portals are a good way to earn points by purchasing items you would typically purchase anyway — especially through these latest promotions offered by the frequent flier loyalty programs of airlines — but if you never shopped through this portal, you really did not miss much.

Source: Marriott Rewards.

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