May I Please Have a Second Helping?

Is it frowned upon to be Asking for seconds during meal service in First class…?

The answer is that it depends on how one asks.

During a domestic flight in the premium class cabin several years ago, I was served a bowl of mushroom soup as part of the meal service. I do not typically care for mushrooms, but this was the best mushroom soup I have ever had, and I let the flight attendant know my thoughts. She promptly returned with another steaming hot bowl of mushroom soup and a big smile. Although I did not purposely try to get another bowl, she went out of her way to do so — and I greatly appreciated it.

However, FlyerTalk member kh105000 had a starkly different experience on one particular flight: My most memorable CO 1st class dining experience was the FA getting distracted before getting to me with my beverage and nuts, then engaging upfront in chitchat with another FA. When he finally got back to my seat I asked for the drink and nuts and he said ‘you don’t get seconds, and any way we’re out of nuts.’ When I responded that he never served me the first time he left, returned with the missing nuts and slammed them on the tray.

As is said often on FlyerTalk, your “mileage may vary”…

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