McDonald’s Restaurant With Wait Service?

“B y the end of the year, McDonald’s will introduce waiters. Customers will order at kiosks, and servers will bring the food to their tables.”

That pronouncement — which includes a video — at the official Internet web site of TODAY sounds like this service at McDonald’s restaurant locations is something new…

…and it is new in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom; but — other than the presence of a kiosk — this idea has been around for years.

One McDonald’s Restaurant With Wait Service

Seeking a quick bite to tide me over until dinner, I was on the island of Gozo in Malta almost 13 years ago when I stopped at a local McDonald’s restaurant to get a hamburger. I do not patronize fast food restaurants on a regular basis; but there are times where a hamburger can hit the spot.

I placed my order at the counter as one would at virtually any McDonald’s restaurant around the world. The person who cheerfully took my order instructed me to go sit at any table and my order will come to me.


Sure enough — after approximately ten minutes or so — a “waitress” of sorts came to my table with a tray; and on it was what I had ordered.

Even more interesting was the dress code: with no exceptions, all of the male employees wore dark slacks with light blue shirts and ties; while all of the female employees wore high-heeled shoes, dark skirts and light blue blouses with colorful scarves — a formal dress code one would not typically see at any fast food establishment in the United States.

The restaurant itself seemed to be spotlessly clean; the service was excellent; and the food was satisfyingly good. I do remember thinking to myself that this could never happen at a McDonald’s location in the United States.


I like to occasionally sample the fast food experience in countries outside of the United States — as with the 1955 hamburger from a McDonald’s restaurant in the United Arab Emirates, for example — just as a break of familiarity during a trip where I can also try out what is different which I would be unable to get at a similar fast food restaurant in the United States…

…but although I would not expect the formal dress code to which the employees of the McDonald’s restaurant in Malta were apparently required to conform, the kiosk approach could reduce — or even eliminate — those long lines which sometimes occur during busy hours.

Two questions which remain are: should you tip the employees who bring your food to you; and can you still ask for things which are not on the menu — such as extra pickles on the side, for example?

That reminds me: speaking of items not typically on the menu, the minty Shamrock shake will soon be available again — if it is not already available…

Photograph ©2015 by Brian Cohen.

2 thoughts on “McDonald’s Restaurant With Wait Service?”

  1. Darlene says:

    They do have the kiosks in Paris and it takes a little getting used to but does make it simpler.

  2. Rye says:

    In some countries they have delivery. I was just in Cebu where we had an order delivered. The best thing about traveling and McDonald’s is the bathrooms. If I have to go first thing I look for is a McDonald’s, Why? Because they are everywhere and they’ll have western style facilities..

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