Amicalola Falls in Dawson County
Photograph ©2005 by Brian Cohen.

Meet a Couple of BoardingArea Bloggers in the Atlanta Area: Would You Be Interested?

Adam of Point Me To The Plane — who is based in the greater Atlanta metropolitan area, as am I — communicated with me via e-mail messages greater than two years ago; and one of the topics we discussed is the possibility of loosely organizing an informal meeting where you can meet with both of us.

Meet a Couple of BoardingArea Bloggers in the Atlanta Area: Would You Be Interested?

Time has slipped by me since I first proposed this idea on Friday, June 24, 2016; and before I knew it, two years have passed — but that does not mean that organizing an informal gathering of travelers is off the table.

I just heard from Adam again earlier this week; and he is still interested in doing this as am I.

In addition to the gathering, we might even include a small outing — such as visiting Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park; or the Dawson Wildlife Management Area, as the city of Atlanta owns approximately 10,000 acres of land in Dawson County in the state of Georgia. The photograph of the mountains in northern Georgia shown at the top of this article is but one example of the beautiful scenery you will find in Dawson County in the fall.

Of course, BoardingArea bloggers who are not based in the Atlanta area — as well as bloggers who are not even affiliated with BoardingArea — are welcome to join us, if this concept comes to fruition.

Summary — or, More Appropriately — Your Thoughts

Please accept my apologies for not yet goring further with this idea. Life simply got in the way — but I am as interested in doing this as ever; and feedback from readers of The Gate has been positive.

As this idea is still in its earliest of stages, there are no definite plans or itinerary; so I will defer to you: would you be interested in attending? If you did attend, about what would you be interested in discussing or learning? Should there be anything formal as part of this event? When do you think this event should occur?

I look forward to hearing your responses…

Photograph of autumn scenery within Dawson County ©2005 by Brian Cohen.

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