“Mega” Threads on FlyerTalk: Good or Bad?

‘Mega-threads’ are out of control. What can the TB do to fix it?

Before asking the question of whether or not the TalkBoard should address this issue, the first question should probably be whether or not particularly lengthy threads are even an issue at all.

FlyerTalk members are divided regarding this topic. Some feel that information about a particular topic should be consolidated into one thread and one should therefore search within that thread to find information, while others feel that there should be separate threads that are shorter in length that are more specific, concise and detailed regarding the topic.

Who is right? Which method is best? What is the most efficient solution to this issue? Will one solution successfully address this problem in all FlyerTalk forums, or should more than a single solution be considered?

2 thoughts on ““Mega” Threads on FlyerTalk: Good or Bad?”

  1. Hermes-Thoth says:

    I have seen some very useful threads that wander and meander so badly – usually after the hundredth reply – that it finally ends up in a special level of Dante’s hell where people loose their minds just trying to keep up with these dyslexia inducing threads.

  2. Francisco says:

    Why doesn’t a mod or someone else sift through all the posts in these threads and put them in the wiki? It would be much better if the wiki was maintained and not so sparse. Then people wouldn’t have to ask as many redundant questions.

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