Merry Christmas! The FlyerTalk Secret Santa Returns Again!

Some of you who are reading this while sweltering in the late summer heat may find this latest news refreshing.
For the tenth straight year, the Secret Santa Extravaganza occurs yet again on FlyerTalk — and once again, your host, coordinator and organizer is none other than FlyerTalk member wharvey, who founded the concept on FlyerTalk and launched the first thread back in 2003.
The expected limit on your gift purchase is US$50.00 and does NOT include shipping, tracking and packaging costs, although no one will mind gifts of higher value or certain paper from airlines and hotels that are “priceless.” Plan to spend a minimum of US$35.00 on your gift, exclusive of shipping, tracking and packaging costs. The gift should be a personal item and NOT donations to a charity organization on their behalf.
You may volunteer to be a Secret Santa for up to three different FlyerTalk members. Although there is no guarantee, you can “request” particular individuals you would like to get assigned to you for your gift buying. Secret Santas have the option of remaining anonymous. To participate, you must be a registered FlyerTalk member at the time you send your private message and not be merely a “lurker.”
The deadline to participate is December 1, 2012 at 5:00 in the afternoon Eastern Standard Time.

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