The Mile High Bed — and Other Furniture Made From Airplane Parts

“J oin the Mile High Club without the hassle of going to the airport”, reads the advertising copy from a company called MotoArt Studios in El Segundo, California. “The Mile High Bed will lift you to new altitudes of comfort and style. Designed and fabricated from two DC-9 rear stabilizers and a C-130 inner flap. The bed is 11′ long x 7′-6″ wide x 4′-6″ high. All surfaces are sanded and mirror polished. The bed is accented by 1/2″ Plexiglas and illuminated with internal LED lighting. The smooth surfaces provide a wonderful playground for you and your co-pilot.”

If the Mile High Bed is not for you, you can purchase other types of furniture and art — tables, chairs, sculptures, couches and other items — crafted from the parts of the wings of a McDonnell Douglas DC-9 aircraft; the piece of a fuselage of a Boeing 707 aircraft; or the engine cowling of a Boeing 747 aircraft as some examples.

I did not see any parts from Airbus airplanes at this time; but I am sure that has already been done. Imagine using the joystick “yoke” from the cockpit of an Airbus aircraft for a video game console. Yeah — that has probably already been done as well. Regardless, you can even custom-design your own piece of furniture, if you so choose.

Pricing is not available at the official Internet web site of MotoArt Studios; you must submit a request by completing a form and submitting it to await a response.

While I think that the furniture and art from MotoArt Studios is rather cool, I personally have no interest in purchasing and owning any of it.

Would you purchase a piece of furniture from a company which uses the parts of airplanes on which you may have most likely flown as a passenger? Better yet: would you sleep in the Mile High Bed?

Mile High Bed image courtesy of MotoArt Studios.

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