Modifications to Same-Day Confirmed Policy Announced by Delta Air Lines

A Boeing 777-232LR aircraft operated by Delta Air Lines on the tarmac at the international airport in Atlanta. Photograph ©2013 by Brian Cohen.

FlyerTalk member DwayneSkyMiles — who is one of the official company representatives of Delta Air Lines on FlyerTalk — announced earlier today that effective immediately, Delta Air Lines will waive the $50.00 same-day confirmed fee for Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion elite SkyMiles members. This change supposedly  increases the number of free options available for same-day travel changes.
You will also be able to request a same-day change up to 24 hours before your original flight departure time — rather than only on your day of departure — by the end of next month. This modification will supposedly better align with existing check-in reminders and increase convenience for you.
However, the same booking class — Q, K, L or U, for example — still needs to be available for same-day confirmed changes to your itinerary.
If you are a Diamond, Platinum and Gold Medallion elite SkyMiles member, you may continue to stand by for an earlier flight free of charge on your original day of departure. Delta Air Lines also continues to offer $50.00 same-day confirmed and standby options for Silver Medallion elite SkyMiles members, general SkyMiles members and passengers who are not members of the Delta Air Lines SkyMiles program.
Delta Air Lines first announced major changes to its same-day confirmed policy back in April — to the chagrin of irritated FlyerTalk members.
Frankly, I think that if Silver Medallion elite SkyMiles members are going to be charged to use the same-day confirmed policy, at least ease the pain of paying for it by charging $25.00 for it, as an example. I do not believe that Silver Medallion elite SkyMiles members should be lumped with the general public on this particular benefit — especially when it can help Delta Air Lines manage the loads on its aircraft and not let airplanes potentially depart with empty seats. Or, perhaps have same-day confirmed offer complimentary to Silver Medallion elite SkyMiles members and raise the fee for others to $75.00 to make up for the difference. Am I wrong here?
While many FlyerTalk members seem to be happy about the refinements announced this morning — I suppose refinements is the antonym of enhancements — there are those FlyerTalk members who believe that what has become a typical strategy of Delta Air Lines is to devalue significant benefits and then offer back minor versions of those benefits, hoping that customers are thankful for restoring some of those benefits and will ultimately have forgotten about the devaluations.
Do you agree? If so, do you believe that Delta Air Lines the only company which purportedly practices this strategy?

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