Moral for Men: Do Not Use Hot Sauce During a Flight

Using Tabasco® brand hot sauce during a SkyWest flight apparently resulted in the case of a Man arrested for touching himself during flight to Idaho.

A 17-year-old female was sitting next to the 50-year-old man when he exposed himself and started what appeared to be the process of masturbation. She promptly moved to another seat on the aircraft, which was heading from Salt Lake City to Lewiston, and reportedly alerted her father, who then reportedly alerted Transportation Security Administration personnel, who then reportedly notified the Lewiston police department.

The suspect allegedly told police that he spilled Tabasco sauce on himself, which caused his crotch to burn and itch. However, when being questioned, police reportedly found no evidence of the sauce on his person, nor was he itching.

Perhaps during future flights, he either needs to consider switch brands of hot sauce, or refrain from using hot sauce at all.

However, a question immediately comes to mind: airlines — especially regional airlines — do not typically serve hot sauce aboard flights, and the man would not have been allowed through the airport security checkpoint with hot sauce, which would be considered a liquid…

…so if this hot sauce really existed, from where did he possibly obtain it?!?

2 thoughts on “Moral for Men: Do Not Use Hot Sauce During a Flight”

  1. Down for the count says:

    They have mini-bottles of Tabasco that are 1/8oz that can be brought through.

    He could also have lifted a bottle from one of the airport restaraunts, such as Chili’s.

  2. scott says:

    “…so if this hot sauce really existed, from where did he possibly obtain it?!?”

    Seriously? You know it’s easy to bring liquids through security….as long as they fit in your 1 quart plastic bag. We bring vodka minis through security all the time right next to our toothpaste and shaving cream (to avoid paying $7/drink on the plane) and have never been told anything by the TSA about it (though we do keep it a secret from Delta). This should have been obvious to you. An another alternative is if you have a liquid packet or small bottle in your pocket; the TSA can’t see it’s there unless you go through the nude-o-scope.

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