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More Holiday Gift Ideas of a Different Kind 2017 — From Micro Entrepreneurs

In addition to this book called Wilde Is The Joker: Gambling Humor and Satires — which is a collection of seven chapters containing 143 succinct tales of satire and fiction authored by Josh Wilde, who is a fellow frequent flier — as one idea for a gift to give, you may want to download this holiday guide of interesting gift ideas from micro entrepreneurs.

More Holiday Gift Ideas of a Different Kind 2017 — From Micro Entrepreneurs

I have been volunteering as a mentor in this micro-entrepreneur accelerator program with Emory University in Atlanta for several years now. You might already know that if you have read past articles such as this one pertaining to thoughts on a passion for travel and our mortality; and this one in which I asked your opinion about whether or not I should travel to Nicaragua, as a professor of the Goizueta Business School at Emory University invited me to join a group on a trip to spend ten days in what is known as coffee country in Nicaragua as one of the programs in the Nicaragua module of the Social Enterprise @ Goizueta program.

I am still considering going on that trip, by the way — perhaps not in 2018; but some time in the future.

The number of micro entrepreneurs who graduated from this program is growing; and the alumni are offering products and services in this holiday guide.

A Sampling of Personal Recommendations

At least 110 entrepreneurs have graduated from this innovative program; but I certainly cannot mention them all in this article — so here is a list of entrepreneurs and their businesses which come to mind in no particular order who may be able to provide gift ideas for frequent fliers, families, friends and colleagues:

Jarvis Belton is a chef who has appeared on Food Network and has created recipes for healthy meals and natural juice drinks which are quite delicious; and he is not alone: Aqueelah James of Gabriel’s International Bakery and Cuisine knows how to create a new fusion of two different styles of foods using ingredients I would not think would go together — with amazing results, in my opinion.

I was skeptical when I was about to taste a cupcake free of any allergens from Jessica McMorris of The Allergy-Free Vegetarian — but it actually tasted better than many of its commercial counterparts which are not free of allergens; and the overall texture was better as well!

If you would prefer to go the more traditional route with baked treats, the ebullient Nicole Massiah of Krumbs will certainly put a smile on your face with assorted cake truffles and cupcakes derived from her own recipes.

I know nothing about beer, as I do not drink alcoholic beverages; but Jennifer Price has built a thriving business called Atlanta Beer Boutique, who provides workshops, tastings and consultations pertaining to — you guessed it — beer. She has already developed quite a following.

That’s a Wrap Mia Canada
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Food is not the only gift idea for the holidays to consider. For example, Terra Coles of T. Tarice creates and sells leather goods with quality craftsmanship. Instead of using soaps provided at hotel properties, consider purchasing some specialty handmade soaps which are good for your skin from Deborah Davis at Sister IV.

That’s a Wrap Mia Canada
Photograph ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

Let me wrap this partial list up with That’s a Wrap. Mia Canada does an amazing job with presentations of gifts not only for the holiday season; but all year round as well. She has even been featured on the local television news in Atlanta.


No — there are no affiliate links associated with this article; so I do not stand a chance to earn one penny. No, no one asked me to write this article — at the time it was written, none of the alumni nor staff at Emory University even knew that I was doing this.

Rather — as an entrepreneur myself who has launched small businesses in the past — I firmly believe in the power of small business as the backbone of commerce in the United States and in giving back to the community…

…plus, this group of alumni offers products and services of a remarkably high quality. I have sampled the wares of many of the chefs and owners of food businesses; and I must say that although I consider myself a picky eater, I could not help but devour everything offered to me. Admittedly, that is not an exaggeration.

Many businesses which I also recommend patronizing were omitted from this article simply because I am not sure how frequent fliers could use them for holiday gift ideas — legal services, child care services and commercial cleaning services, to name a few — but I encourage you to look into them in case you do have a need for their services.

If you patronize this group of alumni who are micro entrepreneurs — all of whom are based in the Atlanta area — you will be doing your part to help strengthen small business in the United States in addition to checking off recipients of gifts on your holiday list this year.

All photographs ©2017 by Brian Cohen.

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