Motorist Drove Car Through Hotel Room

T alk about crashing for the night at a hotel room — literally.

Two guests staying at a Country Inn & Suites By Carlson hotel property were surprised earlier this morning by a car which crashed through their hotel room and came to rest with the front part of the vehicle blocking the interior hallway.

According to investigators from the police department in Kenosha, Wisconsin — where the hotel property in question is located — a motorist who was driving the car on Interstate 94 fell asleep at the steering wheel, causing the incident to occur when the vehicle left the highway. Amazingly, no one was reportedly injured as a result of the crash. Some hotel guests were evacuated and moved to other rooms within the hotel property.

I suppose that the driver of the car really, really needed to rest and needed a place to stay for the night as quickly as possible, possibly inventing the first drive-in hotel room…

One thought on “Motorist Drove Car Through Hotel Room”

  1. Chris says:

    A hallmark of a Clark W. Griswold family road trip.

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