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Source: Microsoft.

Multi-Million eBook Giveaway From Microsoft — Limited Time Offer

Some readers of The Gate who travel are involved in various forms of information technology while traveling; and if that includes such software and topics as Microsoft Office, Windows PowerShell, Microsoft SharePoint, SQL Server and developer tools, this free offer is for you.

Multi-Million eBook Giveaway From Microsoft — Limited Time Offer

For a limited time, Eric Ligman — who is the director of sales excellence for Microsoft — has launched the 2017 iteration of what is apparently an annual giveaway of millions of copies of electronic books covering dozens of topics through this article. You can download as many electronic books as you like without paying a single penny; or you can download all of them at one time. They are full resource books whose use will not expire with time; so you can potentially use them forever — or, at least, until the information within them becomes outdated.

Electronic book titles range from How To Recover That Un-Saved Office Document to Getting Started with the Power BI for iOS app to Microsoft System Center: Network Virtualization and Cloud Computing to Windows 10 IT Pro Essentials Top 10 Tools to Guide for People who have Language or Communication Disabilities — with many more topics, step-by-step guides, reference guides and other materials available from beginner to advanced levels.

Depending on the electronic book title, available formats include PDF, DOC, XPS, MOBI and EPUB.


To beat an offer such as this one is not easy; and although it is available for only a limited time — supposedly, with no catches whatsoever — I do not see exactly when the offer will expire.

A section for frequently asked questions — as well as a section with instructions and problem solving in case an issue arises — is available in the aforementioned article itself.

I hope that this offer is beneficial to you.

Source: Microsoft.

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