New Delta SkyBonus Business Incentive Program Details Announced

The Northwest Airlines Biz Perks and former Delta Air Lines SkyBonus business incentive programs have been merged into the new Delta SkyBonus business incentive program, and it is not all good news, now with the New SkyBonus Website Up and Running.

For example, one can now earn SkyBonus points on all airfares and not just the more expensive ones. However, unlike in the old SkyBonus business incentive program where the points never expired, SkyBonus points now expire on December 31 of the third year after earning them, and there appears to be no way to keep them from expiring.

There is an offer to immediately earn 2,000 SkyBonus points to “attend” the SkyBonus University.

If your small business or medium-sized business is not a member of the Delta Air Lines SkyBonus business incentive program and has a valid Federal Tax ID or VAT number, it is most likely eligible to join. Be aware that membership is free of charge.

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