New Look for Home “Page” of FlyerTalk

The home “page” of FlyerTalk has been redesigned with a new look which is cleaner, sharper and more modern. More information will be available at a glance, yet it does not look crowded because the organization of that information has improved.
Design is but one of the skills and expertise with which I am trained and experienced — and I must say that I like the new look significantly better than the old one.
However, do not take my word for it, as my opinion is merely subjective. The new look is expected to be revealed tomorrow — or perhaps sooner — and will eventually be implemented throughout other areas of FlyerTalk, including here at The Gate.
Although it has not yet been activated, please click here to view the new look of the home “page” of FlyerTalk once it is publicly revealed…
UPDATE Wednesday, October 31, 2012 at 5:50 in the afternoon Eastern Daylight Time
Oops — it appears the I leaked the prototype of the new look of the home “page” of FlyerTalk with the link above.
Oh well — I suppose it is too late to retract it now, since Internet Brands already knows about it…
…happy Hallowe’en?

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