New York City: Eat!!! HEY — I’m tawkin’ to awl of YOOZE!!!

As a native New Yorker now living in the Atlanta area, I miss a lot of the food to which I became accustomed whilst growing up.

If you have a trip to New York City planned in the future, I recommend you first peruse the following FlyerTalk threads and mileposts:

  • Is Katz pastrami the best? — In my opinion, if it is not the best, it certainly is one of the best. Nowhere else but in New York City can one find Kosher delicatessen and Kosher-style delicatessen like that found in New York City. It is simply the best. In addition to that pastrami sandwich (which must be on rye bread with authentic spicy brown delicatessen mustard), try a knish, a brisket sandwich, a corned-beef sandwich, a sour pickle, a half-sour pickle, or a potato latke, which is like a potato pancake. Be sure to choose a Dr. Brown’s beverage. My flavor of choice is cream.
  • Pizza! — Chicagoans and native Italians will vehemently disagree, but New York City — especially Brooklyn — is home to the best pizza in the world, in my opinion. Ah, how I can go for a slice right now…
  • NYC Tap Water, What is the Deal With It? — I have been on six continents and have been to all fifty states, but to me, New York City tap water is still the best-tasting water in the world by far, bar none — despite the fact that I have had spring water, mineral water, flavored water, purified water, and other types of bottled, natural and tap waters from various sources. It is believed that New York City tap water is the secret ingredient that gives food prepared in New York its incredible flavor.
  • The best food in New York? — Hey, I hadda chime in on dis thread also. You got a problem wit dat? Huh?!?
  • Bagels, which are now available widespread (pun intended, of course), are no less than excellent in New York in terms of flavor and texture, but you must try its forgotten counterpart, the bialy.

    I also recommend eating at Italian and Chinese restaurants in New York — and I am referring to the real neighborhood restaurants, not the “fancy-schmancy” ones, that one can especially find in the “outer boroughs” of Brooklyn, Queens, Da Bronx and Staten Island.

    Also, sample some baked goods at both a Jewish bakery and an Italian bakery. Both are excellent but are distinctly different.

    For the more adventurous, there are virtually every other type and kind of ethnic and international restaurants and food stores in local neighborhoods: Jamaican, Russian, Cuban, Korean, Greek, and Puerto Rican to name a few.

    Oh, I almost forgot one more thing: please don’t forget to bring me back some of everything. I’m hungry…

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