News: Car Crash Mistaken For Gunfire at Airport; Crazed Passenger Forced Off Airplane; Homeless Good Samaritan Rewarded By Hotel

Here is a collection of recent news stories which are associated with travel:
Car Crash Mistaken For Gunfire At Airport Terminals 4 and 5 at Los Angeles International Airport was evacuated — or “self evacuated”, according to some reports — on Friday, November 22, 2013 when frightened passengers misinterpreted the sound of the crashing of multiple vehicles for the sound of shots fired from a gun. Approximately 4,600 travelers and 60 delayed flights were impacted by the incident, which was supposedly caused by a crash resulting from a driver suffering from a medical emergency. The false alarm was apparently exacerbated by a shooting incident at the airport security checkpoint at Terminal 3 of Los Angeles International Airport exactly three weeks earlier, which resulted in the death of an agent of the Transportation Security Administration and caused people to question whether or not agents of the Transportation Security Administration should be armed.

An unidentified passenger was forcibly removed by police at the airport in Atlanta from an aircraft operated by Spirit Airlines. Photograph courtesy of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. Click on the image for an article at the official Internet web site of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Crazed Passenger Threatens Bomb and Was Forced Off of Airplane Spirit Airlines flight 404 from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta became quite interesting for passengers and members of the flight crew when a crazed passenger began screaming that there was a bomb on the airplane and that if a flight attendant removed him, he would blow up the aircraft. Police met the aircraft at the gate in Atlanta upon request by the pilot and forcibly removed the man — who reportedly had outbursts throughout the entire duration of the flight and even threw objects at fellow passengers but no one was injured — from the airplane. The unidentified man was transported to Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta for a psychiatric evaluation.
Blind Man With Service Dog Removed From Aircraft; Other Passengers Joined Him A flight which was supposed to have operated as US Airways flight 4384 from Philadelphia to Islip was cancelled recently when all 35 passengers walked off of the aircraft in a show of support for Albert Rizzi, a blind man who was forced off of the airplane because he engaged in a heated argument with a flight attendant about where his guide dog Doxy was to be placed aboard the aircraft. US Airways is supposedly conducting an informal investigation into the incident.
Homeless Good Samaritan Rewarded For Returning Wallet For a story which might get you into the spirit for the holiday season, management at the OMNI Hotel at CNN Center in Atlanta decided to reward a man homeless since March who found a wallet containing the identification and credit card of a woman from France while digging through a trash can. As a result of his good deed of returning the wallet intact to its rightful and grateful owner — after an intensive search to find Hartman was conducted by employees of the hotel — Joel Hartman will be a guest in a warm and comfortable room with a hot shower at the hotel through Thanksgiving with $500.00 in cash to spend.
Enjoy your stay, Joel — and happy Thanksgiving. You deserve it.

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