Next Generation of SWISS First Class Cabin: Your Input is Requested

How would you improve this seat located in the first class cabin of an airplane operated by Swiss International Airlines? Photograph by FlyerTalk member GmK. Click on the photograph for a trip report written by GmK.

The Cabin Interior Development team of Swiss International Airlines is currently working on the next generation of its first class cabin, according to Gianrico — also known as FlyerTalk member SwissInternationalAirLines and as one of the official company representatives of Swiss International Airlines on FlyerTalk — and your input and expertise as a frequent traveler is requested.
What hardware features you would like to see included which could be helpful in the planning of the evolution of the first class cabin — the most luxurious product offered by Swiss International Airlines? The Cabin Interior Development team of Swiss International Airlines — an airline also known as SWISS, based in Basel — will be informed of your ideas.
Two lavatories in the cabin has already been duly noted. Your thoughts on the service in the first class cabin are not being solicited at this time — only input, suggestions, feedback and comments pertaining to the actual product of the first class cabin are requested.
Feedback which has already been posted by FlyerTalk members include more privacy; a more comfortable seat; complimentary luxury vehicle transportation at the airport; and a “revamping” of the very large table.
What are your thoughts and ideas?

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