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No, Marriott Insiders Forum Has NOT Shut Down — Technical Issues Plague It For Days

The Marriott Insiders forum — through which members can discuss virtually anything which has to do with Marriott International, Incorporated and its portfolio of hotel and resort properties under an umbrella of 29 brands — has been inoperable and inaccessible since Friday, December 7, 2018.

No, Marriott Insiders Forum Has NOT Shut Down — Technical Issues Plague It For Days

No official notice or mention has emerged from Marriott International, Incorporated pertaining to the fate of the Marriott Insiders forum; and that has caused concern amongst some members that the popular forum has been shut down permanently.

“Our apologies for any inconvenience, but — as many of have already noticed — the Marriott Insiders web site is experiencing some technical difficulties at the moment”, according to this content which was posted on FlyerTalk by William R. Sanders, who is a social media specialist for Marriott International, incorporated and is also known as the original Starwood Lurker on FlyerTalk. “We are working to bring the site back as soon as possible.”

Like FlyerTalk, Marriott Insiders is a moderated forum — except that the forum is moderated by employees of Marriott International, Incorporated, which led at least one FlyerTalk member to speculate that the forum was permanently closed: “It would be ironic if Marriott couldn’t handle the criticism and cut and run from their own site, after previously cutting and running from FT”, opined FlyerTalk member UA-NYC.


I have yet to write an article pertaining to the data breach — or, in more euphemistic nomenclature used by Marriott International, Incorporated, the reservation database security incident — which was revealed last week. I am still wrapping my brain around it, as it is incredibly massive…

…but even things which should be relatively simple to fix — such as poor communications with customers — easily casts a negative shadow on the largest lodging company in the world.

Many aspects of the acquisition of Starwood Hotels and Resorts by Marriott International, Incorporated — which was approved by stockholders on Friday, April 8, 2016 and officially closed on Friday, September 23, 2016 — have been generally perceived as bungled, as illustrated by only two aforementioned examples of many breakdowns in the system; so jumping to the conclusion that the Marriott Insider forum was quietly shut down is not so far fetched of an idea.

Please feel free to guess as to when the Marriott Insider forum will be available again — although I hope that it has been restored by the time you read this article.

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