No Survivors of Saratov Airplane Crash in Russia

An Antonov AN-148-100 airplane which operated as Saratov Airlines flight 703 and originated in Moscow on its way to Orsk has crashed near Dergayevo in the Ramensky District in Russia with at least 65 passengers and six members of the flight crew aboard the aircraft — none of whom survived, according to multiple sources and reports which are still currently unconfirmed.

No Survivors of Saratov Airplane Crash in Russia

The cause of the crash is still unclear at this time. The aircraft — which was only seven years old — reached an altitude of 6,400 feet after departing from Moscow before it disappeared from the radar approximately 50 miles away from the city near the village of Argunovo.

Pieces of the wreckage were found in a field covered with snow.

Past Aviation Disasters

Although it has been improving, the safety record of commercial aviation in or over Russia has been less than stellar in recent years.


My thoughts and prayers are with the family, friends and colleagues of the occupants of the doomed aircraft.

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