Non-Hotel Lodging Services Forum Now Open on FlyerTalk — Including Airbnb and VRBO

A new forum is now open on FlyerTalk pertaining to the discussion of non-hotel lodging services; and the recommendation of the launching of this forum is the last official action implemented by members of the TalkBoard advisory board, which disbands after today.

Non-Hotel Lodging Services Forum Now Open on FlyerTalk

“Peer to peer rentals of privately owned properties are becoming a significant move in the lodging sector”, posted FlyerTalk member SanDiego1K, who is also the community director and seeks your input as to what should — and what should not — be discussed in the new forum. “We’ve created this new forum where we can discuss our thoughts about business practices and more. I would love to crowd source what all this forum should cover. Would you please share your thoughts?”

The forum — which is officially known as the Non-hotel Lodging Services including Airbnb and VRBO forum — contains discussions pertaining to the practices, policies and virtually anything else which has to do with alternative lodging services such as non-hotel vacation rentals, Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and Homestay; but it is not meant to be used for the discussion of reviews of specific properties.

Furthermore, discussion of the concept of couchsurfing — which is when people share their homes, cities and lives with travelers anywhere in the world for a small fee — is found in the Budget Travel forum.


The concept of non-hotel lodging services has become part of a growing industry worldwide; and now there is a designated place for discussion of this topic.

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