Nordic Choice Club Will Match Hilton Honors Elite Level Status

I  stayed at the Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel property on an award stay back in September of 2008 and enjoyed my stay; but as of Saturday, April 1, 2017, the hotel has since become the Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport.

Nordic Choice Club Will Match Hilton Honors Elite Level Status

Whether or not by coincidence, Nordic Choice Club will match Hilton Honors elite level status from Saturday, April 1, 2017 through Saturday, September 30, 2017: “…we will give you the same membership level with Nordic Choice Club as your current Hilton Honors level – for free.”

Elite Status Levels

The corresponding elite status levels are as follows:

  • Nordic Choice Club Blue = Hilton Honors Blue
  • Nordic Choice Club Silver = Hilton Honors Silver VIP
  • Nordic Choice Club Gold = Hilton Honors Gold VIP
  • Nordic Choice Club Platinum = Hilton Honors Diamond VIP

Room Rate Difference in Booking a Reservation

You might save money booking your reservation through Nordic Choice Hotels than with the same hotel property offered by Choice Hotels.

I chose a random date of one night to check into the Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport on Wednesday, June 28, 2017.

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

Click on the image to see an enlarged version. Source: Choice Hotels.

The least expensive room rate is 2,180 Danish krone, which is approximately $327.00 for one night if you book through the Choice Hotels Internet web site…

Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport

Click on the image to see an enlarged version. Source: Nordic Choice Hotels.

…but if you book through the Nordic Choice Hotels Internet web site, least expensive room rate is 1,995 Danish krone, which is approximately $299.00 for one night. This rate excludes breakfast; but it is still a flexible rate which can be changed or canceled.

You can take the $28.00 you save and purchase breakfast somewhere else at a cheaper price — or just simply pocket the savings altogether.

About Nordic Choice Hotels

Nordic Choice Hotels is one of the largest hotel groups in the Nordic region which consists of 190 hotel and resort properties operating under the Clarion Hotel, Quality Hotel and Comfort Hotel brands — as well as 23 independent hotel properties — most of which are located in Norway and Sweden, with the remaining few located in Denmark, Finland, Latvia and Lithuania.

Nordic Choice Club is the frequent guest loyalty program of Nordic Choice Hotels.

Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions of this elite status match are quite simple:

  • This offer is valid during the promotional period for new and existing Nordic Choice Club members
  • The offer is only valid for members of the Hilton Honors frequent guest loyalty program
  • The level with which you are matched will last in your current bonus period at Nordic Choice Club plus one year
  • Nordic Choice Club reserves the right not to grant you a status match; or to match you with a lower elite status level if the documentation your provide does not meet the requirements


I did not know about this offer until earlier today when FlyerTalk member GUWonder posted the link to the elite status match offer.

Nordic Choice Club Platinum elite level status has some notably interesting benefits — including guaranteed check out until 6:00 in the evening; a restaurant voucher good at certain hotel properties, which means you can choose which meal you want included and not just be limited to breakfast; free laundry service of one shirt or blouse; and one free bottle of mineral water per night instead of per stay.

If you are a member of the Hilton Honors frequent guest loyalty program and currently have elite level status — and you know you will be staying at hotels primarily in Norway and Sweden — this status match offer may be worthy of your consideration.

The Hilton Copenhagen Airport has since become the Clarion Hotel Copenhagen Airport as of Saturday, April 1, 2017. Please click here for a review of this hotel property. Photograph ©2008 by Brian Cohen.

9 thoughts on “Nordic Choice Club Will Match Hilton Honors Elite Level Status”

  1. GUWonder says:

    This Clarion Hotel CPH offers free full breakfast to all hotel guests, and it does so regardless of booking channel/rate.

  2. GUWonder says:

    Interesting. Did this brand within Nordic Choice very recently get the brand standard changed for Nordic Choice Clarion hotels and get exempted from providing all guests an included breakfast?

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      I honestly do not know the answer to that question, GUWonder.

      Many hotel properties in Europe offer breakfast as included in the room rate, according to my experience; so I was surprised to find that rate which excluded breakfast.

      Is it possible that perhaps it is a new rate which was recently introduced?

  3. colleen says:

    Back in 2007, we stayed at a few Nordic Hotels in Sweden when they were part of (or affiliated with) Hilton. Seems like they became a part of the Hilton family for some period, but haven’t been linked for several years. They were some of the nicer hotels in their locations and always included breakfast.

    I’d be curious to know if any other readers have the scoop on the history here.

  4. GUWonder says:

    Nordic Choice hotels have no history of being affiliated with Hilton at any point in the last 20 years at least.

    Scandic Hotels are different than Nordic Choice Hotels; it is Scandic Hotels which used to be affiliated with Hilton. Back then (up to some point in 2007) I would use my Hilton points for Scandic hotel stays.

    1. colleen says:

      Scandic. Ahhhh – that’s the one I was thinking of. Thanks for the update/correction. We took delivery of a Volvo in 8/07, so they were still together then, as I booked stays via Hilton. Some nice places out in the crystal tourism area. Learned the hard way about the Stockholm traffic surcharge program.

    2. Brian Cohen says:

      You are correct, GUWonder.

      Scandic was no longer affiliated with Hilton as of Tuesday, January 1, 2008:

  5. GUWonder says:

    Even with a holiday in the region, the status matches seem to be taking less less than 72 hours to be completed.

    In most cases, I’m seeing Wednesday submissions resulting in a status match on Friday. Nice job, Nordic Choice Club.

    1. Brian Cohen says:

      That is excellent news, GUWonder.

      Thank you for the update.

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