Not Paying a Toll Can Take a Toll — On You

What would you do if you were suddenly assessed $15.00 in fees because of an alleged toll violation committed approximately two years ago, as has happened to FlyerTalk member kjwalker01?

FlyerTalk member ssullivan was assessed $45.00 for fewer than $2.75 in tolls.

What do both of these situations have in common?

Both toll incidents allegedly occurred in Dallas, and the fees in both situations were assessed by National Car Rental.

However, is National Car Rental the villain here? Should kjwalker01 and ssullivan share some or all of the responsibility here? What about the possibility of toll collection procedures on the toll roads in Dallas becoming completely electronic by the year 2010? What does that mean for visitors who still believe that there will be a human being to collect the toll?

As discussed and debated in the Toll Violation – Admin Fee!!! thread, this issue has many sides and opinions which add variables to what initially seems like a black-and-white, cut-and-dried issue.

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