Obama International Airport? Please, No…

“L adies and gentlemen, you are on United Airlines flight 801 to Obama International Airport in Chicago.”

If Rahm Emanuel — who is the current mayor of Chicago — supposedly has it his way, that above announcement may very well become a reality for either what are currently known as O’Hare International Airport or Chicago Midway International Airport, according to this article written by Bill Ruthhart for the Chicago Tribune.

Orchard Field Airport — from which the airport code ORD is derived — was renamed O’Hare International Airport in 1949 after Edward “Butch” O’Hare, who was the first flying ace of the United States Navy and a recipient of the Medal of Honor in World War II. During that same year, Chicago Municipal Airport was renamed what is now known as Midway Airport after the Battle of Midway.

Please refer to the article which I wrote on Thursday, January 15, 2015 titled Naming Airports After People: Why?!? — as well as a similar article called Should Airports Charge for Naming Rights? — to view my thoughts on this topic; but I am interested in reading what you think…

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  1. We already have a Reagan and Bush, not to mention JFK. There is even a Senator Ted Stevens airport. So I guess why not?

    However, I think that it is best to just name them after the city…

  2. I would be against renaming O’Hare since it was named after a person already. I’d be more inclined to rename Midway. I do think that overall, places shouldn’t be named after a person until they have passed on.

    1. I’m against naming anything after politicians. How about naming things after people who’ve done something worthwhile with their life?

  3. yes we could have an Obama airport, but only once he’s dead. At that point it will also be clear what his legacy is, whether he’ll be remembered positively or negatively. My guess is positively (better than Bush Jr and than Clinton) but many issues become only apparent in hindsight. For example we now know that during the Clinton years, the first steps leading to the Financial Crisis and great recession were taken.

    There should be have been no Bush airport yet either, at least not at the time that they named it. I doubt an airport would still be named Bush airport now.

  4. I agree – airports are named for people after they pass on….
    But the international terminal at LAX was named after Tom Bradley – while he was living; so perhaps the international terminal at ORD could be remained – Barak Obama International terminal ?

    But….since Mr. Obama is supposedly from Kenya…how about Obama-Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi…or is he from Indonesia ? Then perhaps Obama-Soekarno–Hatta International Airport in Jakarta ?

  5. Clickbait clickbait clickbait.

    Yes, Rahm said it. And yes, about an hour later, he said no. Note that this is a point made IN THE ARTICLE that you linked to. IN BOLD.

    1. Before you accused me of engaging in “clickbait”, Chris, you might have first asked me whether or not that update was included in the article to which I linked when I first posted this article — which it was not.

  6. Normally I’d say no, but it would be hypocrisy to say no to that request if previous folks said yes to Bush airport. If the earlier decisions on naming airports are reversed and they go back to original City names, then it is appropriate to say no to Obama Airport. But if one lets Bush airport stand, and says no to Obama, then they are just playing cheap hypocritical politics. Just my opinion.

  7. Little Rock already has Bill and Hillary Clinton’s name on it. Maybe an airport in Hawaii would be more appropriate for Obama. Just don’t change the name of Atlanta’s airport. They are real sensative about that one.

  8. I’m as partisan a Democrat as they come, and I still am a definite no on this issue. Maybe sometime long after the man has left office this would be appropriate, but I am really not in favor of naming major public facilities for political figures that are still on or have just barely left the big stage.

  9. We have named airports, post offices, govt buildings, aircraft carriers for presidents living and dead, heck one I believe had his name across all this monuments even though he divides the nation’s opinion and his two term record is spotty at best even under objective measuresand extreme subjectively. So, I don’t see any particular issue with Obama airport, even if still alive becausewhether people like it or not his historical significance was not in doubtever since that election day. Only ultra partisans would argue otherwise, and rather seek to not confer upon him honors as we have for other POTUS and significant leaders and figures.

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