Observation on How NOT to Lose Your Electronic Valuables on a Flight

Here is a direct quote from FlyerTalk member GalleyWench — apparently a flight attendant for US Airways — who responds to the news that fellow FlyerTalk member tuckertravel lost a laptop computer containing irreplaceable family photographs from Walt Disney World on a recent US Airways flight from Orlando to Philadelphia:

“Laptops aren’t allowed in the seat pockets anyway, but lots of times we don’t catch them. Even when we ask people to remove them they just put them back as soon as we walk away. I find several laptops, ipads, kindles every DAY in the seat pockets after people have deplaned! I would say about 50% of the time I can track the owner down by the seat assignment and getting their cell number off their reservation but other times its been riding in there for a couple of flights so the chance of returning it to its owner decrease. Put your name and phone # on it and maybe a nice GA or f/a will mail it to you.”

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