Official Insiders on Flyer Talk

A post on View from the Wing by gleff alerted me to Delta Skymiles having an official insider on Flyer Talk, which got me wondering how many others there may be.

(Note lots of frequent flyer programs or hotel/car/credit card etc have staff as members of Flyer Talk, in an unofficial capacity. Some of these lurk and some are active posters. For this entry I am referring only to those authorised to provide advance information or clarify things – ie official insiders.)

A list, probably incomplete (link is to their official coming out):

* bmi – Joanna (diamond club)
* British Airways – Lyndsay Meldrum, Executive Club Customer Service (BA Executive Club)
* Continental – Scott O’Leary, MD Customer Experience (CO Insider)
* Delta – Jeff Robertson, MD Skymiles (RealDLInsider)
* Delta – Frank Wrenn, Customer Insights & Analytics group (DeltaCustomerInsights)
* Southwest – name unknown (High on Luv)
* Southwest – Bill Owen, Schedule Planning Lead Planner (skeds_r_us)
* Hilton – Cynthia Ortiz (Cynthia_O)
* Marriott – Chris Janecek (Marriott Concierge)
* Starwood – William R. Sanders, Customer Service Coordinator (Starwood Lurker)

I think it is great that programs realise the value and goodwill of official insiders on FT. If anyone has any others to add to the list, please let me know by PM and I’ll update this entry.